The Emergence of Software-Defined Memory – Accelerating Applications in the World of Flash, DRAM and Persistent Memory


In the past several years our industry has seen the emergence of the “Software-Defined” concept. Where previously resource management, policy, and data management were embedded within hardware products, both Software-Defined Networking and Software-Defined Storage advocated for policies of management to be separated from the hardware components themselves, enabling software to then coordinate … [Read more...]

Partners In Performance: Dell & SanDisk Combine to Accelerate Oracle Databases


Oracle OpenWorld is upon us! Our long-time partner, Dell Inc., will join us in having a major presence at the upcoming event, as well as showcasing leading edge hardware, software, and services. The Dell booth will be displaying the Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases (DAAD), based on SanDisk’s ION Accelerator, as part of a complete Dell Integrated Systems for Oracle DB solution. This … [Read more...]

Accelerate Oracle MySQL with SanDisk SSDs

rocket tortoise

Guest blog by Sam Sawyer, Product Application Engineer, Product Marketing and Management Oracle’s MySQL database is commonly used in transactional database applications serving hundreds of users, while delivering thousands of transactions per second. A very important aspect of transaction database system design is to build in the ability to fully utilize available resources -- or to add more … [Read more...]

Oracle OpenWorld – Past, Present and Future: Your Event Guide From an OOW Veteran


Marcel Proust had his memoir—“Remembrance of Things Past”—to re-live all that had gone before. The entire novel was accompanied by a stream of memories from the still-rather-young author, who has been snacking on madeleine cookies and drinking café au lait. It is a work of seven volumes, with many hundreds of characters appearing throughout—a march through space and time. As Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) … [Read more...]

Unlock Opportunity at Oracle OpenWorld – SanDisk in Booth #1429


Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is just two days away and we’re looking forward to being with you in San Francisco during one of the industry’s biggest events. It presents an opportunity to get in-depth learning on the latest trends, network with peers, and hear directly from the people moving our industry. And it’s a great opportunity for us to meet with you. SanDisk has had a busy year in the enterprise … [Read more...]

Accelerate Oracle Data Warehouse Performance using SanDisk Optimus SAS SSDs

Oracle 12c Data Warehouse Testing Result

Summary: Retaining a strong customer base means listening to trends and making timely decisions. Prasad Venkatachar looks at how flash helps expand business agility for Oracle Data Warehousing All organizations desire to build a strong, loyal customer base, but only few actually succeed in achieving this. A loyal customer base is the lifeblood of a successful business. Employing the right … [Read more...]

Hyperscale Databases: Testing Oracle NoSQL Using SanDisk CloudSpeed SSDs vs. HDDs


Summary: Prasad Venkatachar looks at the role of flash in non-relational databases, and how to SanDisk SATA SSDs help optimize Oracle NoSQL workloads. Back in my DBA (Database Administrator) days I remember benchmarking database applications with concurrent users, often up to 1,000 and in extreme cases even up to 10,000 users. These days, if we look at the number of users that flock to Facebook … [Read more...]

Applications Driving Infrastructure Deployments: It’s Time To Think About The End User’s POV

tablet and devices

It’s been said that applications run the world, because decisions about buying – or building – new applications have the power to drive new infrastructure deployments. For the user community, the business need comes first —and the “how” of deploying it comes second. Certainly, applications are at the top of the technology stack – above the middleware, and the databases, and the hardware platforms … [Read more...]

Testing Oracle Backup using SanDisk Optimus SSDs vs. HDDs

SSD HDD testing oracle 12c Database

Heading to Oracle OpenWorld Oracle OpenWorld is a flagship event for IT professionals – it showcases new product launches, cutting edge technology and exciting news every year. This Oracle OpenWorld, SanDisk will have its biggest solutions presence yet, joined by our new team members from Fusion-io. As we approach the event I would like to share several blog posts on the work we are doing with … [Read more...]

Faster Hadoop Reads and Writes with SanDisk SSDs

Hadoop runtime Results for TestDFSIO SSD vs. HDD

In my first blog post on the SanDisk ITBlog, I talked about testing the Terasort benchmark using SanDisk CloudSpeed SSDs within an Apache Hadoop data-analytics environment. The blog and the more detailed technical paper that followed talked about the significant performance and TCO benefits that can be achieved by strategically using SSDs within a Big-Data Hadoop infrastructure. Continuing … [Read more...]