What Happens In Vegas…

Last Vegas at Night

Once again, the first week of December will find many of the folks from SanDisk’s enterprise solutions team at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference at the Venetian in Las Vegas. This year we see an even greater interest in the flash-based systems and software that SanDisk has brought to market. And it’s no wonder, as the industry is having a sharper focus … [Read more...]

Connecting the Data Bytes: IT Professionals Chime in on Flash in the Data Center

SanDisk Data Bytes

SanDisk has put in place a number of building blocks for its data center offerings over the last three years to help bring the flash-transformed enterprise to life. This includes the introduction of leadership technologies such as our ULLtraDIMM SSD, ZetaScale software and the 4TB SAS Optimus MAX SSD, as well as the acquisitions of Pliant, FlashSoft, Schooner Technologies, Smart Storage Systems … [Read more...]

Open Server Summit: The Data Center is Being Rebuilt


The data center is coming apart – and then it’s being put back together in a new way. That was my takeaway after listening to many hours of presentations at last week’s Open Server Summit, a conference that took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center Nov. 11-Nov. 13. Focused on the server and storage industries, the conference’s keynotes and breakouts showed the clear links between … [Read more...]

Fusion ioMemory from SanDisk boosts Oracle VM performance

SanDisk ioMemory for Oracle VM performance

It’s no secret that when an enterprise organization or service provider looks to improve the performance of an I/O intensive workload like a database, they will likely turn to adding flash technology to their servers to quickly and easily ramp-up transaction throughput and lower I/O latency. It is also no secret that when an enterprise organization or service provider is looking to improve server … [Read more...]

A Partnership for Performance – SanDisk and Atlantis Computing


In this world of self-empowerment, I still believe it takes a team to succeed. It takes a team to achieve success, whether it be the Denver Broncos of American football featuring the awesome quarterback Peyton Manning, or at my job at SanDisk. In light of this, I’m having a joint discussion on this blog with a SanDisk partner (I like to refer to him as our extended team member), Seth Knox, VP of … [Read more...]

ULLtraDIMM – The Editor’s Choice

SanDisk ULLtraDIMM TweakTown Must Have Editor's Choice Award

I have been in this business a long time. As my twitter account proclaims, I used to naively think I would never fill up my old ST225 20 MB hard drive (HDD). I bet many of you reading this blog have never heard of an ST225. When it came out it won many editor’s choice awards because it was innovative in both physical size and capacity and performance. It allowed greater storage density and reduced … [Read more...]

In a Battle of Hardware, Software Innovation Comes Out On Top

blog SanDisk software innovation wins

Database appliances, as well as servers configured for databases, need a smart and simplified combination of hardware and software that supports performance, scale and ease of management. And if your business is committed to building the fastest database appliances in the market, like Alex Alexander and SpringbokSQL, then you need to constantly be testing the various building blocks of the … [Read more...]

SanDisk and Open Source?

Open Source at SanDisk

Last April, SanDisk joined the Linux Foundation as a supporter and enabler of the Open Source ecosystem. Many people who I’ve met with have asked me what is SanDisk going to do with Open Source technology? And why is SanDisk interested? Open Source as a Business Strategy For anyone following Open Source technology, this week has been a week of big industry news. Microsoft, a company who has … [Read more...]

HPC Matters


HPC Matters is the theme for one of the coolest events I attend each year, Supercomputing. This year’s show in New Orleans, LA, promises to show more innovation, excitement and promise. New Orleans is a wonderful town with incredible food and awesome music. It is a great back drop for this type of conference and the myriad of attendees that go there. When attending Supercomputing, I am always … [Read more...]

Evolving Server Design Is Center-Stage at Open Server Summit

Open Server Summit 2014

I’m thinking about the Open Server Summit this week – and the next wave of server and storage design. The conference taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center Nov. 11-Nov. 13 will show the clear links between server design, and the need to support workloads based on Cloud Computing, Big Data/Analytics, Social Media and Mobility. These megatrends, which IDC calls “the Third Platform” … [Read more...]