Hyperscale Databases: Testing Oracle NoSQL Using SanDisk CloudSpeed SSDs vs. HDDs


Summary: Prasad Venkatachar looks at the role of flash in non-relational databases, and how to SanDisk SATA SSDs help optimize Oracle NoSQL workloads. Back in my DBA (Database Administrator) days I remember benchmarking database applications with concurrent users, often up to 1,000 and in extreme cases even up to 10,000 users. These days, if we look at the number of users that flock to Facebook … [Read more...]

Applications Driving Infrastructure Deployments: It’s Time To Think About The End User’s POV

tablet and devices

It’s been said that applications run the world, because decisions about buying – or building – new applications have the power to drive new infrastructure deployments. For the user community, the business need comes first —and the “how” of deploying it comes second. Certainly, applications are at the top of the technology stack – above the middleware, and the databases, and the hardware platforms … [Read more...]

Testing Oracle Backup using SanDisk Optimus SSDs vs. HDDs

SSD HDD testing oracle 12c Database

Heading to Oracle OpenWorld Oracle OpenWorld is a flagship event for IT professionals – it showcases new product launches, cutting edge technology and exciting news every year. This Oracle OpenWorld, SanDisk will have its biggest solutions presence yet, joined by our new team members from Fusion-io. As we approach the event I would like to share several blog posts on the work we are doing with … [Read more...]

Faster Hadoop Reads and Writes with SanDisk SSDs

Hadoop runtime Results for TestDFSIO SSD vs. HDD

In my first blog post on the SanDisk ITBlog, I talked about testing the Terasort benchmark using SanDisk CloudSpeed SSDs within an Apache Hadoop data-analytics environment. The blog and the more detailed technical paper that followed talked about the significant performance and TCO benefits that can be achieved by strategically using SSDs within a Big-Data Hadoop infrastructure. Continuing … [Read more...]

Turbo Charge Cassandra in a Flash!

Cassandra Summit

SanDisk at Cassandra Summit - Download SanDisk ZetaScale SDK for free     Most applications architected in the past 5 years (and beyond) are still designed with the assumption that the underlying storage is spinning media, aka hard disk drives (HDDs). But the storage market is changing fast, and flash is being implemented widely to support better performance, lower latency and … [Read more...]

Meet the New SanDisk DAS Cache — The Time for a New Architecture of Servers With Solid-State Storage Acceleration has Arrived!

SanDisk DAS Cache Dell PowerEdge 13G servers

The time for a new architecture of servers with solid-state storage acceleration has arrived! Today we announced a technology that will be available for the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers: the SanDisk DAS Cache software. It’s one of the many advantages of the new Dell PowerEdge servers that you’re going to want to get to know better. You already know that storage latency is a … [Read more...]

Forget TCO. It’s all about TCA.


I’ve been in the IT industry for multiple decades now, and the mantra I have heard along my path from my MBA professors, from my colleagues, from competitors and industry consultants is that Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the most important aspect of evaluating a purchase. TCO goes beyond the outlay and really embraces all the ongoing financial commitments an organization has for owning and … [Read more...]


Open @ SanDisk

Summary: As SanDisk joins the Linux Foundation, Nithya Ruff reflects on the forces and people who shape the open source community, and her role leading open source initiatives at SanDisk You would have to be living under a rock to not see how much software is changing the world and how open source changes how it is developed. So it is no surprise that as a world class storage company, we at … [Read more...]

SanDisk Partners with VMware to Design APIs for IO Filtering for Server-side Solid-state Caching

VMworld 2014

It seems that every year we come to VMworld, we bring exciting news that we can’t wait to share with the VMware community. This year is no different, though this year’s news may be the most important for our Flash Virtualization® solutions so far. This year SanDisk is announcing our collaboration with VMware in the development of the new vSphere APIs for IO Filtering. The vSphere APIs for IO … [Read more...]

VDI Adoption: Flash Technology Provides Real-World Benefits for Business Efficiency

VDI Image Flash Data

This week’s VMworld 2014 conference in San Francisco brings VDI into sharp focus as a workload that clearly benefits from flash technology. With solid-state drives (SSDs), physical servers supporting VDI can support more VMs per-server than would be possible with hard-disk drives (HDDs), allowing IT groups to scale-up resources far more easily. In practical terms, this means that more end-users … [Read more...]