Swap To Host Cache – An Important Element Of Memory Over Commitment

Swap to Host Cache, VMware memory over committement

Over-committing memory is a common practice in VMware environments, and is describing a situation in which the total memory utilized by VMs running on a vSphere host exceeds the physical memory on that host to enable customers to achieve higher VM density for better efficiencies. Memory over-commitment enables higher consolidation ratio – a measure of how many VMs that can be placed on a physical … [Read more...]

Why Cloud Mediation Will Lead The Way

SanDisk Blog Cloud Mediation

The industry is moving from traditional technologies and business models towards agile and responsive delivery of services. The level of sophistication and complex capabilities that consumers, users, and customers have come to expect continues to rise. The pieces live on devices and in the cloud, and today those go hand in hand. Amid these changes, SanDisk has transformed from a business … [Read more...]

New Ways to Configure VMware All-Flash VSAN 6.0

New methods to configure all-flash VSAN

There are many advantages to using SSDs for the capacity tier in VSAN, specifically with Enterprise-grade SSDs reaching 4TB and beyond and in VSAN 6.0 one will be able to configure a capacity tier using flash drives directly from vCenter web client UI. However, for those using VSAN 1.0 one needs to configure the SSD drive as if it is an HDD. This is not only a cumbersome and lengthy process, … [Read more...]

How We Achieved 2 Million Transactions With All-Flash VSAN 6.0

4-node All Flash VSAN

Unveiled at VMware Partner Exchange, Biswapati Bhattacharjee shares the first testing results of SanDisk’s new all-flash VSAN configuration, benchmarking business and ecommerce  workloads. VMware PEX is on this week and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. We had a very exciting announcement go out about the unveiling of an all-flash VSAN solution, and wanted to share some additional information … [Read more...]

2M Transactions! All-Flash Virtual SAN Boosts Business Critical Applications

IMG_Lightning 2

We’re at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) this week, where VMware announced several big boosts for Virtual SAN. These include: 2x greater scale with support up to 64 nodes per cluster; the ability to run 50% more VMs per host; and 2X-4X performance improvement enabling Virtual SAN to be considered for business critical applications and databases for the first time*. All-Flash, All-New Architectures: … [Read more...]

A First Look at the Future During VMware Partner Exchange

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.44.46 PM

The VMware Partner Exchange is just around the corner, and the FlashSoft team at SanDisk is more excited than ever to be at the event February 3 – 5 at Moscone West in San Francisco. At VMworld last year, VMware introduced the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), and as the partner selected to assist in the design of the storage caching APIs, we were delighted to be included in the public … [Read more...]

The Software Mainframe

software mainframes

The Software Mainframe leverages lots of virtualization – and flash. Jean S. Bozman looks at how software-defined architectures turn data center silos to grids. When Paul Maritz became CEO of VMware in 2009, he said the company would be building “the software mainframe” by virtualizing computing resources in the datacenter—and managing them as a holistic system. I was in the audience, … [Read more...]

These 5 Forces Shape Our 2015 Technology Trends


The end and beginning of the year are generally full of lists – top 10 tech trends, hottest skills for the New Year and best jobs, etc. I enjoy reading these lists and comparing predictions across them. Reading the lists for this year highlighted some continuing tech trends, some new ones and the shifting of existing technology into more nuanced and specific uses. What it also highlighted for me … [Read more...]

Storage Visions 2015 Sees New Roles for Storage and New Opportunities for Flash

New roles for storage

This year’s Storage Visions conference (SV2015), held right before the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, showed me that data center transformation will require new thinking for storage. The driver for change starts with new sources of data—sensor data, medical images, video files and geographic data (GIS) and mobility data (from consumers’ mobile phones) — that are being piled on top of … [Read more...]

Speeds, Feeds and Needs – Understanding SSD Endurance

SSD Endurance

This is my second post in the “Speeds, Feeds and Needs” blog series, designed to explain the more technical elements of enterprise storage in terms that are understandable to everyone, whether you are an IT manager, end-user or chief information officer. My first post discussed how latency affects storage architectures and how reducing this can dramatically improve system performance. In this … [Read more...]