Welcome, Fusion-io! Together, We’re Chartering the Unlimited Future of Flash

Flash Memory Summit SanDisk Fusion-io

You’ve read the media buzz over the last few weeks, and finally, today’s announcement concludes that SanDisk is acquiring one of the industry’s groundbreaking companies—Fusion-io. There’s a lot to celebrate, and with it much to look forward to for the future of flash technology! I want to take this opportunity to welcome the Fusion-io team - we’re excited to have you become part of our … [Read more...]

Does Storage break Moore’s Law?


Moore’s Law drives the innovation we take for granted every day – from smartphones to the Internet to big data. For those unfamiliar with Moore’s Law, it was first identified by Gordon E. Moore, the co-founder of Intel, in a paper he wrote in 1965 observing that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubled approximately every two years. The Law … [Read more...]

Speeds, Feeds and Needs: Latency

SSD Latency

Our goal for the 'Speeds, Feeds and Needs' blog series is to make it a place for anyone interested in enterprise storage. Whether a CIO or a system designer, we want to address topics of interest to you in a fashion that makes it valuable to you. This overarching goal has led us to create the new “Speeds, Feeds and Needs” blog series. This series is designed for our audience members who have a … [Read more...]

VMware Swap to Host Cache Testing Using SanDisk SSDs – Impact on VM Density, TCO and ROI

Fig 1:Traditional Swap vs. Swap to Host Cache on SSD Drive

At SanDisk, we have been researching and testing the most advantageous impacts of SSDs in virtualized environments. One example of this is VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN), which I covered in a recent blog post following the publication of our white paper: “VSAN Deployment and Technical Considerations Guide”. In the coming series of blog posts, I will examine various other scenarios where SSDs can … [Read more...]

World Cup Media Streaming Sets New Records—and Scores a Goal for More Flash Technology Deployments


  If you want a real-world update on the state of media streaming, you need look no further than the World Cup 2014 matches. Streaming is happening at record-high levels for the games. ESPN reported an all-time high media streaming rate for its online services—with more than 1.7 million simultaneous viewers. Akamai, which works with more than 50 media streaming services worldwide for the … [Read more...]

A New IT World: How Software and Flash Are Shaping the Future Data Center – Highlights from HP Storage Summit in Macau

Macao Science Center Photo by Diego Delso

I recently attended the HP Storage Summit 2014 in Macau, China. I wanted to share some key trends and technologies that were discussed in the conference’s various presentations, and why they are having such a profound impact on the storage industry today. A New Style of IT In the opening presentations by David Scott, senior vice president and general manager, HP storage, “Changing nothing risks … [Read more...]

HP Discover Event; Putting the Spotlight on HP and SanDisk Partnership on All-Flash Array

HP 3PAR 7450 all flash array

The HP Discover conference in Las Vegas (June 9-13, 2014) cast a laser-like focus on all-flash computing with the announcement of the HP 3PAR StorServ 7450 All-Flash Array. This array leverages SanDisk’s 1.92TB Optimus Eco SAS drives for high capacity and high performance. The move highlighted HP’s path to flash-enabled data center infrastructure – especially for Big Data, Analytics, OLTP, and … [Read more...]

SanDisk’s ULLtraDIMM™ is voted Best Buy by Storage Magazine Readers

Storage Awards Storries Winner

The Storage Magazine ‘Storries’ Awards are the UK’s leading storage industry awards issued by Storage Magazine. This year, SanDisk achieved great success at the awards, racking up a total of 11 shortlists, and winning the prestigious Reader’s Choice – Best Buy Award for the ULLtraDIMM SSD. The sheer scale of this award success is a reflection of our growth in the enterprise storage market over the … [Read more...]

Strolling through Computex: A Sea of Cutting Edge Computing


The journey to Computex was not as easy as traveling to New York, Chicago or Denver, where the last industry events I participated in took place. After finally arriving at the designated hotel in Taipei after a 14 hour plane ride and 1 hour taxi ride, it still was another 45 minutes to the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. The Nangang complex is one of the three venues hosting the giant Computex show. … [Read more...]

An Unlimited Capacity Data Grid: How XAP MemoryXtend with ZetaScale Technology Delivers Scale and Speed at Lower Costs

XAP Zetascale

Guest post by Shay Hassidim, Deputy CTO Distinguished Engineer. We all sense the growing demands for faster processing of constantly growing datasets; everyone wants to be quick & keep a competitive edge by analysing data as quickly as possible. That’s why organizations are turning to in-memory computing in order to get real-time processing of their data. So far, this has been achieved by … [Read more...]