No Problem, Consider it Done: Hadoop, Data Warehouse & Flash

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In my two recent blogs, I talked about the Terasort and the TestDFSIO benchmarks for Hadoop and how using SanDisk SSDs led to a significant performance improvement for these benchmarks. These benchmarks are great starting points to study Hadoop and the benchmarks gave us very encouraging results for using Flash within Hadoop clusters. So, the next logical step in my Hadoop+Flash research was … [Read more...]

Flash Transformed Solutions for Stateless and Persistent Desktops


Guest blog post by Patric Chang, Senior Director of Global Technology Ecosystem In a preceding blog, Chris Marsh outlined and explained the different types of virtual desktops and the differences between these two types of virtual desktops. I want to address how to overcome the customary barriers to successful deployment of EUC/VDI across organizations. These barriers are a result of the … [Read more...]

From VMworld US to Europe – VMware Virtual SAN All-Flash Array Testing

VMware Virtual SAN Design and Sizing Guide for Horizon™ View™ Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

VMworld Europe is next week and I am excited to be part of it! I am looking forward to meet many of you in Barcelona and discuss virtualization use cases I am evaluating. During VMworld USA in San Francisco we received a lot of interest as well as recognition for the different virtualization solutions SanDisk demonstrated. CRN mentioned SanDisk’s VDI solution with ULLtraDIMM SSD in their “CRN … [Read more...]

From BYOD to VDI – SanDisk Exhibits Flash-Transformed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure at VMworld Europe 2014

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Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) corporate initiatives have spurred a lot of interest in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). BYOD and VDI enable productive users to initiate a desktop session on their favorite device with the ability to seamlessly transfer sessions between laptop/desktop and devices for use at home, in the field or in the office. VDI, in general, holds promise for improved … [Read more...]

Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Transformation in the Data Center

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Before this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, I shared on this blog some of my experiences and tips about the expansive conference, which stretches from San Francisco’s Moscone Center to the palm trees of Union Square (and requires running shoes to cover all of the venues). But, despite the expanse and the expense of it all, the utility of bringing customers together, from many countries, in one place, is … [Read more...]

More Performance, Less Wait – Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Oracle Yacht

This week I made my annual trek to participate in Oracle Open World. As always, it is a massive production! This year it even featured the actual Oracle Team USA yacht, minus the carbon fiber sail, that won the 2013 America’s cup a year earlier. The theme of the display was “Extreme Performance.” I noticed this theme in many booths on the show floor. They were all showing off technology that … [Read more...]

The Three Pillars of the New Open Source World


Open source is here to stay as a part of the technology landscape and as a development methodology. Many people have coined the new happenings in Open Source Software (OSS) as OSS 2.0. Brian Fitzgerald was one of the first to do this in his paper on “The Transformation of Open Source” and he talks about some of the key differences in OSS 1.0 and 2.0 such as business models, a more mainstream … [Read more...]

The Emergence of Software-Defined Memory – Accelerating Applications in the World of Flash, DRAM and Persistent Memory


In the past several years our industry has seen the emergence of the “Software-Defined” concept. Where previously resource management, policy, and data management were embedded within hardware products, both Software-Defined Networking and Software-Defined Storage advocated for policies of management to be separated from the hardware components themselves, enabling software to then coordinate … [Read more...]

Partners In Performance: Dell & SanDisk Combine to Accelerate Oracle Databases


Oracle OpenWorld is upon us! Our long-time partner, Dell Inc., will join us in having a major presence at the upcoming event, as well as showcasing leading edge hardware, software, and services. The Dell booth will be displaying the Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases (DAAD), based on SanDisk’s ION Accelerator, as part of a complete Dell Integrated Systems for Oracle DB solution. This … [Read more...]

Accelerate Oracle MySQL with SanDisk SSDs

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Guest blog by Sam Sawyer, Product Application Engineer, Product Marketing and Management Oracle’s MySQL database is commonly used in transactional database applications serving hundreds of users, while delivering thousands of transactions per second. A very important aspect of transaction database system design is to build in the ability to fully utilize available resources -- or to add more … [Read more...]