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A fast 2015 turns into an even faster 2016 for SanDisk flash and SQL Server

Peter Plamondon

Director, Strategic Partner Ecosystem

This is the traditional time for a retrospective on the year, and I’ll indulge in just that because it’s been a great year for SanDisk® and SQL Server.

TPC-H world record? One is not enough, let’s go for two! Lenovo set the 3TB and 10TB TPC-H records using SQL Server 2014 and SanDisk Fusion ioMemory, as detailed in Brian Walters’ blog post Fusion ioMemory Sets Two TPC-H World Records with Lenovo and Microsoft!

SanDisk and our OEM partners also published 7 data warehouse reference architectures ranging from 20TB through 95TB rated user capacity, also using Fusion ioMemory. That “rated user data capacity” is validated by Microsoft through the SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track Reference Architecture program. I reviewed 6 of these, 3 each from HPE and Lenovo, in a series of blog posts, below; the seventh uses SanDisk Optimus MAX 4TB SAS SSDs in a37TB reference architecture with Lenovo’s System x3650 M5 server.

We had a great time meeting the #SQLfamily at events around the world, including SQLBits XIVIgnite 2015WPC 2015, and SQL PASS Summit 2015. As a Global Sponsor of SQLSaturday, we participated in too many SQL Saturdays to list here! Our master tweeter – and SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master – Jimmy May @aspiringgeekshared photos from many of our events.

Acceleration is what SanDisk’s enterprise products are all about, and the FlashSoft caching software is a great example. In Rich Petersen’s blog post FlashSoft Software Moves Forward for SQL Server and Hyper-V, you’ll learn how the FlashSoft increases performance and reduces latency, for SQL Server on physical servers or running in Hyper-V VMs. If you’re taking advantage of SQL Server 2014 support for databases on CSVs, you’ll want to check out FlashSoft’s CSV caching support, a new feature introduced in 2015 – release the few gigabytes of system memory you set aside for CSV Cache, and use FlashSoft with 100’s of gigabytes of flash instead.

As an application owner, FlashSoft is your friend: a 3x increase in SQL Server transactions per minute (TPM), and 6x increase with the new file exclusion feature in FlashSoft 3.8 for Windows Server. Increase your application performance by 3x-6x, without changing your application, tuning your database, or upgrading your SAN. In less than 30 minutes you can install the FlashSoft + Fusion ioMemory bundle, which includes the caching software and one Fusion ioMemory 1.3TB PCIe card, in the host running your application, and your users will experience the application acceleration. See more information, see the technical brief, Caching Software Performance Test: Microsoft SQL Server Acceleration with FlashSoft Software 3.8 for Windows Server.

By now I’m sure you’re aware that the Windows Server 2003 End Of Support has already occurred on July 15th, 2015, so no more patches for WS03 – it’s a stationary target, a hacker’s dream. Next up is SQL Server 2005 End Of Support coming on April 12th, 2016. Remember to include modern storage (that would be flash) when you modernize your infrastructure, and you could save a bundle. SanDisk resources show the way: David Reeves’ blog post Windows Server 2003 EOS – Prepare for a Wave of Modernization, and Jimmy May’s blog post Number One Reason to Upgrade from SQL Server 2005: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Server.

SQL PASS Summit 2015 was a great event for us, but my favorite moment had to be Shawn Bice’s keynote when he mentioned our product twice, including that the Enhanced AlwaysOn capabilities coming in SQL Server 2016 were motivated to accommodate the high performance of “Fusion”, i.e., SanDisk Fusion ioMemory PCIe flash. Early testing with CTP 2.3 by SanDisk’s Data Propulsion Laboratory showed AlwaysOn Availability Group network transportaveraging 500MB/s, that’s over 12x faster than SQL Server 2014.

Shawn invited Eric Fleischman from DocuSign onstage to describe how DocuSign uses SQL Server, and Eric also talked about the impact “Fusion” has in DocuSign’s environment. Our DocuSign video case study is a great example of how SanDisk helps customers achieve their business goals.

For more information on SanDisk’s database solutions – and we have many – visit our IT Blog’s Application Acceleration (Databases) section and Data Warehousing and Server Consolidation Info Hub.

Curious how your environment performs with SanDisk acceleration? Take advantage of our free 45-day POC by visiting

See you next year!

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