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As we’ve said earlier, this year’s VMworld was a huge event for the SanDisk® FlashSoft product team. Following the launch of FlashSoft™ Software for VMware® vSphere®, this year’s VMworld event in San Francisco was our first big opportunity to share our software with virtualization professionals on a large scale.

Some of our partners and customers joined us at the event, and we have a short video featuring them speaking about their experiences with FlashSoft software, and their plans for the future. You can watch the full video here.

A few highlights:

Gary Lamb, CTO of NextCloud, talks about how increasing VM density provides a competitive advantage to a cloud services provider, and the value of the FlashSoft software integrating cleanly with the hypervisor.

Tim Russell, VP of Data Life Cycle Solutions at NetApp, discusses how working with SanDisk, NetApp can address a broader range of customer performance requirements.

Kaku Yamaguchi of SCSK Corporation describes how the company is looking to alleviate IO bottlenecks for the company’s data center customers.

Shridar Subramanian, VP of Marketing at Virident, speaks about how caching with FlashSoft keeps the benefits of shared storage, while delivering the performance benefits of PCIe flash.




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