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If you’re one of the 38 million American travelers this Memorial Day weekend, or enjoying one of the 800 hot dogs consumed per second during this holiday, then take a step back, relax and enjoy the week’s top technology news! Here are your weekly TechBytes:

AI Will Feed the World. Literally.

The question of human sustainability and sufficient resources on our planet has served as the basis for many science fiction movies. But unlike Hollywood’s ‘Interstellar’ film, our answer might be right here on Earth. AI is showing potential to completely revolutionize farming, and with it keep humanity’s food supply coming. Read more here.

Breaking the Boundary of Binary?

What if we could go past what we know as binary computing? Dr. Ben Choi, associate professor at the Louisiana Tech University, is researching (and patenting) a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the computer industry by moving from binary to multiple values. Unthinkable? Heresy? Read for yourself!

Forward Thinking

65% of school kids today will work in professions that don’t even exist today. But how do they get ready for what lies ahead? Here’s some food for thought on how wearables can empower and challenge our kids to face their highly technological future.

An Ingestible Origami Robot

Named Origami, this second generation micro robot concept first introduced by MIT comes handy when other methods fail, or become too intrusive. Capable of removing small objects, patching internal wounds or delivering specific medicine to internal areas, see where this tiny robot is headed!

US Nuclear Arsenal Runs on 1970s IBM Computer. No Joke.

If we started with a movie reference, let us end with one as well. Anyone remember the film ‘WarGames’ from 1983? The computer games and interfaces used in the film, outdated for our contemporary eyes, looked incredibly futuristic back then. Yet strangely enough, the past is still among us. A 1970s IBM Series 1 computer sporting 8-inch floppies is still used to coordinate America’s nuclear forces. Unsettling? See what The Register has to say, while we warmly recommend our federal government to consider an infrastructure upgrade. Just give our sales team a call!

5 Trends Shaping the Modern Data Center

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