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The Future of Hacking is Mind-Bending

Exploiting security breaches in software seems to be something that most people can do these days. But hacking just upped a level to go beyond code and to attack computers’ underlying physics. For the past year and a half security researchers have gone all the way to targeting the actual electricity that comprises the bits of data in the physical memory. “It’s messy. And mind-bending. And it works.” writes Wired – read on and educate yourself about the next level of stealth.

Open Source Goes Urban Farming 

Have you always dreamt of a flourishing vegetable garden but are missing a green thumb, free time and happen to be a technology geek? We have something for you: meet FarmBot, a robotic hardware system that will take care for anything and everything to make your crops a success. And better yet: it’s open source!  Founder Rory Aronson talks in details about the next paradigm of food production. Watch the video here!

The SpaceX Explosion – What You Need to Know

Space travel! Show us a single person in our industry that doesn’t have a soft spot for science fiction and its real counterpart in the physical world. With all the milestones and successes of modern day space travel, there are many throwbacks, too. And they are usually quite spectacular. So what exactly happened to SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 rocket and what will the implications be for this year’s launches and commercial interstellar aviation? Here’s the latest wrap-up.

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Are Algorithms More Capable Than Humans?

What started with a criticism of FaceBook employing biased human editors for trending topics, turned into a full-on disaster after Facebook fired the human editorial team all together and handed over responsibility to algorithms. The inevitable happened: algorithms can’t differentiate between real news and fake stories. So maybe humans and algorithms can’t, and shouldn’t, do without each other? More on Big Data, human intelligence and Facebook’s trending algorithm.

Tracking the Big Data Bottleneck

Bottlenecks arise with any application, and Big Data is no exception. No matter how fast you build it, some point will max out, and with distributed computing the bottleneck has simply shifted. So where did it go? Here’s how to track the Big Data bottleneck and find a way around it.

5 Myths of Enterprise Flash

Building an Analytics-Converged Data Platform with Object Storage

bring your data to life

Today’s digital economy with mobile, IoT and cloud is based on the value of data. How do you unlock it? Download the infographic to learn more: