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We had a great week last week at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 talking applications, server caching, hardware performance, intelligent software, showcasing our enterprise solutions and having a lot of fun seeing people try out our SSD knowledge test.

Brian Cox, senior director of marketing, SanDisk® Enterprise, joined co-hosts Stu Miniman and Dave Vellante of theCUBE, broadcasting live from the event. You can watch the full 15 minute interview below

Here’s a summary of what to expect:

Apps, apps, apps!
Flash storage is a key theme at Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Flash is all about applications and the market, and leading edge adopters, see flash technology as a great enabler for speed, predictability and lowering data center costs.

Tackling licensing costs
Flash enables data centers to achieve all new cost efficiencies by lowering overall drive requirements and cooling needs. But another critical cost element is licensing costs. Specifically with applications such as Oracle, which companies may employ through licensing based on quantity of server processor cores, being able to dramatically reduce the number of servers and thus reduce the number of processor cores by using flash, can make a big budget impact.

SanDisk Enterprise
SanDisk is a brand recognized around the world for its leading consumer products, but few are aware of the depth of our vertically integrated manufacturing and enterprise offerings. Brian and Dave share some big numbers – from our ~5,000 employees to over $4 billion in cash to our enterprise SSDs serving 6 of the 7 leading server and storage OEMs.

Showcasing the ULLtraDIMM prototype
Take a look at a prototype of the ULLtraDIMM– an enterprise-class ultra-low latency (ULL) SSD, and start thinking of all the possibilities that open up once you can replace expensive RAM and place flash as close as possible to the CPU and applications.

It’s not just hardware
What is the right solution to your challenge? It may be software. Brian takes a closer look at SanDisk’s software portfolio, including FlashSoft software, helping to optimize hot data of server side SSD caching, and cost-effective alternatives to caching exclusively in DRAM. Whether hardware, or software, flash can make a better return on investment for existing infrastructures.

Bottom line
Flash is taking over the industry. It’s not just about replacing spinning drives, it’s establishing new thinking and application design that takes advantage of its unique benefits. Our ability to help unleash performance and efficiencies is rooted in understanding an application’s full ecosystem.

Watch the video interview with Brian, and learn how to accelerate your applications with flash storage.

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