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Looking back at the first SNW Europe, 10 years ago, the conference attracted a little more than 1,000 people who were focused on delivering storage solutions over IP networks. Today SNW states it is the largest independent conference where IT managers and professionals can attend SNIA-endorsed education tracks, get hands-on access to a wide range of technologies, and mix with industry peers. It’s incredible to see how times have changed and how technology has advanced over this last decade.

As SanDisk® joined to celebrate SNW Europe’s tenth year this week, to discuss key industry trends and the impact of cloud computing on our data center infrastructure and needs, we also were celebrating the evolution of the storage industry, and tipping our cap to the emergence of ultra-low latency storage.

Less than a year ago, we teamed up with Diablo Technologies to re-conceptualize enterprise storage approaches using flash. The goal was to re-think how flash could be used within current storage infrastructures and find a way to break established barriers for performance, latency and capacity.

This collaboration led us to using flash in an entirely new place within the storage infrastructure – on the memory bus. By doing so, and making flash speak directly to the CPU through the memory channel, we could deliver not only better performance, but linearly scale performance without impacting latency, and linearly scale capacity as well. This development means businesses can now meet the needs of any application, no matter how bandwidth hungry, by simply adding more modules to their systems. They can also do so without having to replace any current infrastructure because this type of storage connects via any DIMM slot, which are typically abundant in any system.

The ULLtraDIMM, is already nominated for the SVC awards’ Best SSD Product of 2013. We believe it is the next step in the storage industry’s evolution, and truly a reason to celebrate.

The SanDisk booth (#100) at SNW Europe showcased our ULLtraDIMM in action, and was opportunity for visitors to see how our enterprise solutions can improve performance in traditional and virtualized environments, as well as in mass storage and cache acceleration configurations. IT decision makers looking to optimize their use of flash storage, and get the most from existing architecture, met with our experts to see which hardware and software solutions could help their application and workload needs.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak about the need to rethink storage architectures as new ultra-low latency storage solutions and form factors open up new opportunities for deploying flash, and applications continue to evolve.. If you missed my presentation ‘Rethinking Storage Infrastructure with Ultra-Low Latency’ or would like to learn more about the ULLtraDIMM, the final frontier in ultra-low latency storage, and why it’s shortlisted for the SVC awards, read my latest blog post: ULLtraDIMM nominated for best SSD Product of 2013.

It was a great event in Frankfurt, celebrating SNW Europe’s tenth year and the future of storage!

What were your favorite SNW moments?  Join the conversation on emerging technologies worth celebrating on Twitter: @SanDiskDataCtr


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