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As we develop flash solutions to make applications more efficient, reliable and performant, we sometimes find that our solutions are not only transforming businesses, but are helping to transform lives.

Last week, Redmond magazine featured an in-depth analysis on the rise of flash in the datacenter, taking a close look at how, and where, flash is solving various bottlenecks in server and storage systems, with use cases for flash solutions ranging from server-side caching, to hybrid solutions and all-flash storage arrays.

The article begins with the story of Middle Tennessee Ear, Nose, Throat, a regional medical clinic that used flash to enable its transition to paperless patient medical records. The key challenge they faced was that their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system was painfully slow in retrieving records. No matter how much memory and CPU resources were in the server, the application was constrained by the bottleneck of the clinic’s disk-based storage system, creating a frustrating experience for staff and patients as well.

The story ends happily, when the clinic’s head of IT discovered our FlashSoft software, which enabled his team to eliminate the storage bottleneck with a solid-state cache in the server, drastically improving the performance of the EMR system. The results were so good that the clinic is now expanding its use of flash to help improve performance of CT scan images.

FlashSoft has become a critical component in the clinic’s IT infrastructure. You can read more about their experience with the software in the article, as well as in a case study on our Web site (PDF).

It’s inspiring to read how our solutions enable medical teams to do more and better serve their patients. I encourage you to read the full article, The Rise of Flash in the Data Center, by Jeffrey Schwartz, editor of Redmond magazine.


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