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The holidays are approaching and depending on where you are on the globe you may already feel the festive season. Here in the US cities and houses are getting decorated, the shopping craze for gifts has begun, and like Santa Claus, you are carefully reading and scrutinizing your kids’ wish lists.

If you work in IT, you know that there’s always plenty of room for improvement. So if your data center were to write a wish list, you’d proceed much like you do with your kids: see which of their wishes are possible within the allocated budget and what will bring the most long lasting value.


So when your data center asks for some improvements in the coming year, and you have one wish to fulfill, I’m pretty sure flash would be it. Here are a few (good) reasons why:

  • Get More from Existing Hardware: you don’t need a new data center to get steep performance improvements. Flash-based hardware and software work with your existing infrastructure. So you can get all the speed you need with minimal disruption by simply adding flash.
  • It’s Greener! You need far fewer SSDs than HDDs to meet your performance requirements. That means far fewer racks and systems. Beyond that, SSDs consume a fraction of the power that HDDs require and they generate much less heat. That means your data center can be energy efficient requiring less space, less electricity and less cooling.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (WS03) End of Life is Approaching Fast: Moving to newer versions of Windows Server software means you need to inspect your infrastructure for an entirely new set of applications and workloads. Any technology refresh should deliver better performance, simplicity, scale and reliability – and to do that in a more cost-effective and flexible environment flash is your most powerful choice! (Learn more)
  • Sleep Better Knowing Your Data is Safe: Your data center wants reliable hardware that keeps data in tact. Say goodbye to unpredictable mechanical failures of spinning hard drives and say hello to enhanced endurance and data reliability with enterprise flash technology.
  • Because Your Virtualization Manager Will Thank You: If your virtualization manager is contending with response times during boot storms and anti-virus scanning, the I/O blender effect or other high-latency events, flash is here to the rescue. With an array of hardware and software optionsyou can make your virtualization manager’s holiday season better with blazingly fast performance and greater densities to support many more simultaneous VMs. Thus your users will thank you, too.

With all these good tidings I wish you and your data center a merry Christmas filled with flash and a happy new year.

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