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A recent study on the Clinical Benefits of Electronic Health Record Use* found that physicians with EHRs reported EHR use

  • Enhanced patient care overall (78 percent)
  • Helped them access a patient’s chart remotely (81 percent)
  • Alerted them to a potential medication error (65 percent)
  • Alerted them to critical lab values (62 percent)

Between 30 and 50 percent of physicians reported that EHR use was associated with clinical benefits related to providing recommended care, ordering appropriate tests, and facilitating patient communication.

While the benefit of implementing EHRs is clear, the increase of electronic records data can strain existing IT server and storage infrastructure causing I/O latency within the server and storage systems. For Healthcare providers deploying EHR systems, I/O latency can manifest itself as painfully slow application performance with the application timing out altogether or taking a long time to respond or process input. Many IT professionals look to increasing the performance of the storage system to overcome the latency, however this can be disruptive to existing storage management and protection policies and very expensive. A far more modest investment in solid-state devices and software, such as FlashSoft, deployed in the server can nearly eliminate I/O latency without the disruption to existing storage policies.

Middle Tennessee Ear, Nose, Throat is a regional medical clinic that experienced this first-hand.  Deploying FlashSoft SE for Windows to accelerate its MySQL database running the EHR application helped them nearly eliminate I/O latency in their compute infrastructure and transform the clinic while enabling growth opportunities. Learn how they were able to do this in “Regional Medical Clinic Diagnoses I/O Latency and Administers FlashSoft™ Software For the Cure and in this Gartner Data Center Conference video.


* King, J., Patel, V., Jamoom, E. W. and Furukawa, M. F. (2014), Clinical Benefits of Electronic Health Record Use: National Findings. Health Services Research, 49: 392–404. doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.12135

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