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Greetings from Las Vegas! Our team is back again at the MGM Grand hotel this week for NetApp Insight, the annual technical conference dedicated to NetApp’s system engineers, professional services consultants, and channel partners.

We’re here talking about real-world use cases of FlashSoft software with NetApp Data ONTAP, and the level of interest has been truly impressive. Server-side caching on solid-state devices provides enormous improvements to application performance, and enables NetApp customers to realize even greater value from their NetApp storage systems.

Call us storage geeks if you must, but we really like digging into the details of server-side caching, and how it works with Data ONTAP systems. There’s no place like NetApp Insight to get into the technology with the people who actually deliver it to the customer.

This year I’ll also be presenting a server-side caching success story (Wednesday, October 9, 2:15PM in room #302). I’ll be discussing a FlashSoft success story that actually comes from right under our own roof. Over the past couple of months SanDisk®’s own IT organization has been demonstrating the benefits FlashSoft delivers for the eDiscovery application used by our legal team in its litigation practice.

From both a business perspective and a technical perspective, the benefits that SanDisk IT achieved with FlashSoft software were particularly impressive. In terms of technical results, the software reduced storage I/O bottlenecks enough to double application performance, reducing large query job time by over 50%. What’s more, server-side caching protects against I/O latency caused by storage system operations like backups.

Most importantly, the FlashSoft solution required no changes at all to our NetApp storage infrastructure. The FlashSoft software has been validated by NetApp for use with Data ONTAP, and in my presentation, I’ll be show why NetApp resellers can introduce their customers to FlashSoft software with complete confidence in the FlashSoft server-side caching software’s compatibility with NetApp storage.

Something that I found especially interesting in my conversations with our legal team was how valuable this improvement in application performance and storage efficiency is to our business operations. In a use case like legal discovery, reducing storage I/O latency can deliver millions of dollars in value. I’ve learned a lot from our legal team about how improved storage efficiency translates into dollars and cents in business operations.

If you’re at NetApp Insight this week, please be sure to stop by our booth and join me for the presentation.

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