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August is the beginning of major trade show season - Rob Callaghan shares from day 1 at Flash Memory Summit as SanDisk unveils another ULLtraDIMM OEM

Rob Callaghan

Product Marketing Manager, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions

Flash Memory SummitAugust is an exciting time at SanDisk® and the enterprise solutions team. It is the beginning of the major tradeshow season as we head into the fall. While SanDisk participates in a number of excellent trade shows throughout the year like IBM Edge, HP Discover and Computex, the months of August and September are a whirlwind of activity. This two month journey starts out it the Flash Memory Summit, then VMworld, Intel Developer Forum and culminates with Oracle Open World. Trade shows have many benefits including all the traditional benefits as allowing you to you show off your innovations and products, meet your partners, scope out the completion and collect new t-shirts (Or is that just me?). While that is all nice, the trade show benefit I most enjoy is talking to the companies and people who benefit from our storage technologies, our OEMs’ customers.

Super Micro

In preparation for Flash Memory summit, held this week in Santa Clara I have been working on our latest ULLtraDIMM OEM design win with Super Micro Computer, Inc. Having another computer manufacturer add the ULLtraDIMM SSD to their server line up, shows that placing flash storage on the memory bus is gaining traction! It is exciting because that means more companies will have access to this innovative ultra-low latency storage technology to help solve their application performance issues. In the last few months I have had the opportunity to “show off” the application performance benefits of ULLtraDIMM in both the US and Asia. These demos have included accelerating online transaction processing (OLTP), removing storage I/O bottlenecks that are associated with highly virtualized workloads and providing ultra-low latency to support high-frequency trading (HFT) applications.

I have had the opportunity to talk to customers representing everything from enterprise data centers, hyperscale and cloud environments to even social media and large ecommerce interests. My conversations remind me of the Paul Harvey segments I used to hear on the radio. He would talk about a subject, go to commercial, and then share “the rest of the story.” I feel like this with when talking to customers about the ULLtraDIMM except they are sharing the “rest of the story” with me. After listening to me talk about the application benefits, they often finish the story with “..and my data center is out of rack space, the fact it is installed in the server without consuming PCIe slots will help me solve that issue too” or “…my application need better response time and the ability add more capacity while improving latency is a key feature”. Participating in trade shows and events continues to reinforce the criticality of finding opportunities to talk directly to the people who ultimately buy our products. Their feedback and insights are invaluable to us as we develop and design their next product and future solutions.

So back I go to Flash Memory Summit, to show off the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM, learn about the latest technology innovations, talk to excited customers and truth be told, look for the next greatest t-shirt for my extensive collection (just do not let my wife find out).

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