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It’s no secret that when an enterprise organization or service provider looks to improve the performance of an I/O intensive workload like a database, they will likely turn to adding flash technology to their servers to quickly and easily ramp-up transaction throughput and lower I/O latency. It is also no secret that when an enterprise organization or service provider is looking to improve server utilization and consolidate workloads on existing infrastructure, they typically turn to virtualization to improve workload density on a server, thereby saving money on application infrastructure. But when it comes to solutions that address all of these objectives – higher transaction throughput, increased I/O performance and greater server utilization – I’m happy to share that there is a new option for Oracle customers to consider: Introducing SanDisk® Fusion ioMemory high-performance virtualization for Oracle VM.

ioMemory Oracle VM support with VSL 4.1.1

Fusion ioMemory has been an enterprise flash solution of choice for many organizations looking to get superior overall performance out of their database and application infrastructure in a cost-effective and reliable solution.  But for most of its history, ioMemory devices have only been exposed to the operating system through a relatively simple block I/O driver, known as the Virtual Storage Layer (VSL). However, this simple block I/O driver was not visible to management consoles for virtual machines such as Oracle VM Manager.

I’m very happy to share that with the most recent release of VSL, version 4.1.1, ioMemory has a SCSI driver that exposes the ioMemory PCIe flash device as a SCSI target for connecting with the Oracle VM Manager. It is through this interface that Oracle VM users can now include Fusion ioMemory devices in their virtualized host infrastructure and benefit from the optimizations our devices offer. If you’re an Oracle VM user deploying Fusion ioMemory devices from SanDisk (with capacities up to 6.4TB and performance up to 2.7 GB/s bandwidth, 370,000 4K write IOPS and 15μs data access latencies) you can now scale up your Oracle VM servers with more and larger VMs per server and greater technical and economic efficiencies.

Configure Your ioMemory Cards as Storage Targets for Oracle VMs

With VSL 4.1.1, your organization can configure your ioMemory cards as storage targets for Oracle VMs running on servers from a variety of hardware providers. Once installed, the VSL 4.1.1 driver will automatically enable the SCSI interface for ioMemory cards installed on the host server, so no additional configuration is necessary. It’s important to note that due to SCSI performance limitations that are inherent in the Linux kernel, the performance of the ioMemory card when running through the SCSI interface will not be quite as fast as when accessed through the simple block I/O driver. Yet such limitations will be minimal and should be no more impactful on the overall performance than any other device would be when going through the same SCSI interface.

Take Advantage of Accelerated Application Environments

The combination of Oracle VM and Fusion ioMemory allows customers to take advantage of accelerated application environments ranging from databases like Oracle DB and MySQL to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and cloud infrastructure environments such as OpenStack. All of these application environments benefit from the high transaction throughput and low latency of SanDisk PCIe-based flash storage and the scalability of running in virtualized servers through Oracle VM. Fusion ioMemory flash devices also benefit from industry-leading reliability enabled by innovations like Adaptive Flashback, which allows an ioMemory device to recover from individual NAND flash chip failures on the card and maintain data integrity and reliability.

Get to know the combination of Fusion ioMemory flash storage and Oracle VM – an excellent virtualization solution for performance, throughput, low latency, high capacity and data reliability. Learn more about Oracle VM on the Oracle website and about Fusion ioMemory from SanDisk, here. If you have any questions reach out to me at:

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