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As I previously mentioned the SanDisk® FlashSoft team participated in NetApp Insight in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I can’t say enough what a great experience it was to talk with NetApp® technical sales folks and learn about their customers’ challenges and how we can work together to solve I/O problems. In fact, Tom Matson, Global Channel Sales Manager for FlashSoft software, participated in a video interview in which he commented on the partnership and shared the ways we are working closely with NetApp to link our products together.

Aside from giving some background on the partnership and how the products work together, Tom also shared a thought that is worth calling out – one of the many reasons SanDisk is such an ideal partner for NetApp is our shared philosophy for openness. Meaning, the customer can plug in whatever flash device makes sense to them while still taking advantage of both NetApp and SanDisk solutions to solve I/O challenges.

Together, we provide a game-changing solution for customers. This includes 3 – 5x* performance improvement and about 3x** density improvement. Plus, we’re able to support any operating system in the guest that VMware® currently supports, important for customers running many of the Linux distributions and older versions of Windows. This is due to the way our product is architected and, in turn, how it works so seamlessly with NetApp storage. Whether you are looking for solutions for VDI deployments, virtualizing enterprise data center applications, or accelerating stand-alone database servers, FlashSoft with NetApp can help you achieve your goals without disrupting your existing storage infrastructure.

You can view the full video interview here to learn more about how SanDisk is not only an extension of NetApp but a storage technology partner as well.



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