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Storage Field Day 5 This Thursday some of the data storage industry’s most savvy independent bloggers will come to SanDisk® headquarters for a technology deep dive as part of Storage Field Day 5 (or as the Twittersphere tags it: #SFD5).

Storage Field Day, led by the Stephen Foskett, is a mini-mobile conference that allows a new form of engaging discussions between vendors of new technology and new media influencers. It focuses on enterprise storage and data protection in both physical and virtual worlds and brings together the best independent thought leaders to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space.

Delegates this year include Arjan Timmerman, Bob Plankers, Chris M Evans, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Lauren Malhoit, Phoummala Schmitt, Ray Lucchesi, Rob Koper, and Robert Novak (you can learn  about delegates, and follow their Twitter handle, on the Storage Field Day website)

Get front row seats with live video streaming

SanDisk’s history is built on 25 years of innovation in flash storage technology. With more than 4,900 patents, unique vertical integration and a fast growing portfolio of hardware and software data center storage solutions, it’s no surprise the company has become a market leader in the enterprise sector.

SFD5 will offer participants (and online viewers) a look into SanDisk’s history of innovation, as well as an in-depth technical session on our latest, award-winning ULLtraDIMM device that brings SSD Performance to the DIMM form factor. From beginning to end, SFD5 delegates will get a chance to investigate the trends driving increasing demand for faster application performance and the flash-transformed data center.

The SanDisk session will be streamed live on the Storage Field Day websiteThursday, April 24th between 4:00-6:00pm Pacific Time.

Join in with your questions!

Would you like to learn more about how this technology can address scalability issues in your data center? Or how memory channel storage makes Big Data analytics possible? Tweet us at @SanDiskDataCtr and let us know what questions you have in these areas and we’ll get them answered for you this Thursday.

Also make sure to keep up with the #SFD5 hashtag to follow all the conversation, blogger insights, photos and tech commentary throughout the event.


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