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Taking Off with Facebook’s Internet Drones

Everyone has been following this project closely, and now Facebook’s internet beaming, energy efficient drones have finally taken off. Literally. The Verge shares an inside look into the first Aquila test flight as Mark Zuckerberg’s aspiration of connecting all 7 billion people on Earth gets one step closer to reality. 

Our Future on Mars, Now in GIFs

A manned mission to Mars has inspired generations of Sci-Fi writers and scientists alike. But the journey is no longer just fiction. The mission to make the human race an interplanetary species is well underway. Lockheed Martin has just released a series of GIFs that lets us grasp the opportunity in detail. See it here.

Girls Do Code

An initiative took it upon itself to change the way girls in school are left behind by the gender gap in tech, and is building the largest pipeline of future female engineers in the United States. So support and empower the girls in your family to take the challenge and reach gender parity in high tech, and have some fun seeing their latest ridiculous video about ludicrous stereotypes – watch it here.

Google Hands Its Own Quantum Computer First Tasks

You know us; we love supercomputers in all shapes and sizes. But here’s something to especially like about 2016: ‘Quantum Software Engineer’ is a real job title. Google has just put their model of the quantum computer to work with some hand picked tasks on path to model reality. Here’s where they leave classical computing behind.

The Register’s Summer School – Snacks for Your Grey Cells!

For some, the summer break is about relaxation and disconnecting. But it’s also a good opportunity to take a step back, find new inspiration and train our tired brains. The Register has put together 12 videos providing deep insight into topics such as Big Data and AI. So if your grey cells need a summer snack – here’s your brain lift!

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