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John Scaramuzzo

Senior Vice President, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions

This year’s Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is taking place August 5th-7th, 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center and we here at SanDisk® couldn’t be more excited! In addition to participating in more than 20(!) sessions, panels, forums and tutorials we’ll also be exhibiting our entire portfolio of enterprise and embedded solutions in booth #204 and in the Fusion-io booth #600. We’ve also added a speaking theater in our booth this year where our solution experts will cover a variety of topics, including Big Data, hyperscale computing, TLC technology, and the flash-empowered workforce. This will be a unique opportunity to get a first-hand look at SanDisk’s breadth of solutions across the enterprise, and see how we’re expanding the possibilities of storage for today’s and tomorrow’s data center business, and embedded devices

I’ll also have the honor of presenting a keynote address. I’m particularly thrilled to be back this year when we’re at the peak of a very exciting time for the industry as a whole. If I look back at just the last 12 months, SanDisk has delivered many innovations. We announced several products that were an industry first in their category: the ULLtraDIMM ultra-low latency memory channel storage solution, the world’s first 4TB SAS SSD with Optimus MAX, and our ZetaScale software that intelligently helps applications take better advantage of flash for improved performance at lower costs.

This is only the beginning! The future of flash is unlimited – from hand held devices, to personal computers, and all areas of the data center. As we continue to deliver innovative flash-based solutions, new applications that we haven’t even thought of will be developed to take advantage of the speed, performance and reliability of flash. Flash Memory Summit will reveal insights into the future of storage. We invite you to be part of it!

Join me for my keynote on August 5, 2014, ‘The Flash-Transformed Data Center and The Unlimited Future of Flash’ and find out how SSD performance, energy, efficiency, and scalability advantages make it economical to reap the benefits of the flash-transformed data center. See how new flash-based solutions are changing data center economics and transforming enterprises, their workforce and enabling new business applications.

Take a moment to learn about this and all of our sessions on SanDisk’s FMS dedicated webpage:

I look forward to see you there!


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