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Expand the Possibilities of  Your Data Center with SanDisk® Storage Technologies

See how SanDisk® delivers scalable flash storage hardware and software that accelerate Oracle technologies and the overall performance of your data center with reliable, consistent and efficient solutions

Join us in Booth #2501

At Oracle OpenWorld, we will host live demonstrations showcasing solutions that enable IT decision-makers, server and storage OEMs and system integrators, to maximize your existing architectures and help to develop high-performance, next-generation computing environments to solve your unique challenges.

See our expanded enterprise product portfolio, serving 6 of the 7 leading server and storage OEMs

With 25 years of innovation and storage expertise, the SanDisk brand is recognized around the world; our pioneering flash memory technology is integrated into products from top electronics companies and in enterprise data centers worldwide.

In just the last two years, SanDisk acquired several powerful hardware and software companies that specialize in enterprise flash optimization, the latest being SMART Storage Systems.

Our expanded portfolio provides an array of ideal solutions that help the performance and endurance of your data warehousing and mining, online transaction processing, real-time analytics, high-performance computing, media editing and virtualized environments.

Test your SSD Knowledge

Our booth will offer a unique hands-on experience through our SSD Trade-Up program, where you’ll have an opportunity to test your SSD knowledge by placing the correct solid state drive into specific application racks.

Ask our experts

Beyond feature demonstrations showcasing the differentiated capabilities of our hardware solutions, our storage experts will help to evaluate your specific challenges and match the right solutions. Make sure to ask about unique topics, such as:

• What technologies can I use to boost performance and endurance, delivering lifespan reliability?
• How can I seamlessly integrate SanDisk solutions into my existing IT infrastructures?
• What solutions can best help my specific application challenges?

Our experts will show you how SanDisk workload-optimized enterprise SSD products match the right devices with the right workload:

Mixed-Use applications:

• Financial services
• Applications characterized by a 70/30 read/write mix.

Write-Intensive applications

• Business analytics
• Applications in which hot data changes often and are characterized by a 50/50 read/write mix.

Read-Intensive applications

• Virtualization and cloud applications
• Web applications and applications characterized by a 90/10 read/write mix.

Join Brian Cox at theCUBE – Monday, September 23, 10:40 a.m., QLogic booth #2115

Our Senior Director of Marketing, Brian Cox, will be joining the live video broadcast of SiliconANGLE and Wikibon coverage: theCUBE. Come watch the interview as it’s being broadcasted, or follow the conversation with the hashtag #TheCube and our own twitter @SanDiskESS.

Learn more

You can learn more about why you can trust SanDisk for your most valuable enterprise asset – your data, by downloading our latest ‘Confidence in your data center’.

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We look forward to seeing you at Oracle OpenWorld 2013!

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