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Webinars, new lab reports, VMUG events, FlashSoft 4.0 and Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit! May looks like the busiest month for all things virtualization and flash. Jason Pederson takes a step back to share what’s ahead.

Taking a step back usually offers a new perspective and appreciation. At SanDisk®, we’ve been extremely busy showcasing how flash hardware and software can be used to accelerate applications and change the dynamics and economics of how people design, define and deploy server and storage solutions.

I had the opportunity to take a look at the span of our activities and the solutions entering the market, and it’s incredible to see the breadth of capabilities and variety of deployment options that are possible in today’s data center environment. Right now is a particularly active time for virtualization-focused solutions, and a great opportunity for you to see the full suite of SanDisk hardware and software solutions on display in use cases that may be of interest to many.

Here’s a quick insight into what is happening right now:

Hyper-V Workload Density at Microsoft Cloud Hosting Summit

Microsoft SQL Server is commonly reported as the most virtualized business-critical application, and while many companies and organizations are virtualizing SQL Server, that doesn’t mean they’re achieving a high level of performance or efficiency for their effort and investment.

MSFT cloud and hosting summit

For attendees of the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit, we’ll be showcasing how SanDisk flash solutions enable improved performance, greater virtual machine density and significant cost savings when virtualizing SQL Server. Come talk to us about design considerations you should have in mind when assessing possible flash-based solutions and learn from our experts how to achieve the best Hyper-V VM density for your deployment.

Keep an eye out for more from SanDisk in this area as our partnership work with Microsoft continues yielding use cases and information that can significantly benefit your business.

VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) – From Hybrid to All-Flash

Recently, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a lab validation report comparing all-flash VMware Virtual SAN against a hybrid Virtual SAN configuration taking advantage of SanDisk‘s Virtual SAN-certified flash products that fit in the high-performance caching tier alongside our economically viable high-capacity SSDs for the capacity tier. While the all-flash performance results showcasing a significant 49% improvement in transactions over the hybrid solution may not be surprising to many, it’s the financial comparison and evaluation of the two solutions that add a new dimension.

When comparing and contrasting different solutions, the capabilities and benefits (among other things) of each need to be considered relative to cost to determine ‘value’. In order for value to truly be calculated – especially when flash is considered – a new set of metrics and criteria must come into play, because the storage decisions we make today have far-reaching effects on other areas of the organization. The ESG report looks at the cost-for-performance (calculated by the cost of New Orders per Minute (NOPM) in a transaction workload) and all-flash trumps here, too, with a 26% advantage.

This approach is representative of how many of our customers choose to evaluate flash versus other alternatives. If you’d like to read the ESG lab validation report it can be accessed here, or read a summary of the results on the SanDisk IT Blog and VMware’s Virtual Blocks blog.

virtualization webinar

If you’d like to learn more about all-flash Virtual SAN to run VDI and business-critical applications, here are two great webinar opportunities:

  • How to Better Run Business Applications on VMware Virtual SAN 6: ESG Lab Results 
    May 11 at 10:00 am PT
    Join Jack Poller from ESG, Jase McCarty from VMware and Patric Chang of SanDisk to learn more about the benefits of VMware Virtual SAN 6 and Hybrid and All-Flash Virtual SAN Configurations with SanDisk SSDs. Register here.
  • Virtual desktops and business critical applications at the speed of flash
    May 25 at 9 am PT
    Additionally, Jase McCarty and Patric Chang will join Supermicro, a SanDisk OEM partner, and the SpiceWorks community to discuss VDI and business-critical applications at the speed of flash.
    For more information and to register for the webinar, go here.

The FlashSoft® 4.0 Advantage – vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO)

The latest version of FlashSoft software for vSphere was recently released, offering significant performance, manageability, and support advantages. FlashSoft 4.0 for VMware vSphere 6 is a brand new software architecture that supports VMware’s vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO) framework and is the first VMware Ready™ certified caching software solution for vSphere 6.

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While the architecture is new, SanDisk has had the benefit and privilege of working with VMware as the sole caching partner trusted to contribute to the new VAIO framework. Along with deepening our partnership with VMware, this investment in the VAIO framework allowed our new FlashSoft 4.0 software for vSphere 6 to obtain VMware Ready certification at GA. With VMware Ready certification, customers will benefit from a previously unachievable level of support from and integration with VMware. For more on FlashSoft 4.0, check out Rich Peterson’s blog here. VMware’s Cormac Hogan recently visited us and shared his take on FlashSoft on his blog – read it here.

To VMUG and Beyond!

We work across the solution spectrum with ecosystem partners like VMware, as highlighted by our collaborative work for FlashSoft 4.0 and VAIO as well as our Virtual SAN activities, but we get even more excited when we get to discuss these offerings directly with the people who use them! So we’re thrilled to be able to support and sponsor user groups and communities around the globe.

VMUG Philadelphia

This month SanDisk will be sponsoring the VMware User Group (VMUG) User Conference in Philadelphia on May 10th. We will be at booth #28 in the exhibitor area (right next to the coffee area by the big VMware booth) looking to talk all things virtualization, and will hold a breakout session at 2:10pm in the Magnolia conference room, discussing the VAIO framework and how this new design enables SanDisk to help solve today’s application performance challenges.

If you’re a vSphere administrator or your applications are running in vSphere and you’d like to understand how those applications could perform more consistently or effectively, make sure to stop by our table and breakout session to meet the team.

A Month of Virtualization and Flash

At SanDisk, we invest a lot of resources into working with ecosystem and solution partners to define and evaluate solutions that deliver the best business, technology, and financial benefits of flash into today’s data centers. We have the advantage of pairing our understanding of flash with a talented group of experts working on initiatives alongside fantastic partners who seek to solve the same problems. This enables us to deliver a broad portfolio of industry-leading solutions that can deliver the cost, performance, and efficiency benefits that redefine what is possible, and make the seemingly impossible remarkably achievable.

Flash technology isn’t just about performance; it’s about harnessing incredible capability and deploying it in a way that maximizes business productivity, IT efficiency, simplifies deployment and enhances overall execution so you can achieve your goals faster, smarter, and far more cost effectively.

We have a busy month ahead and the rest of 2016 will be even busier. We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events. You can learn more about our solutions for virtualization here, and keep checking back with us to see what’s next!

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