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This week I made my annual trek to participate in Oracle Open World. As always, it is a massive production! This year it even featured the actual Oracle Team USA yacht, minus the carbon fiber sail, that won the 2013 America’s cup a year earlier. The theme of the display was “Extreme Performance.”

I noticed this theme in many booths on the show floor. They were all showing off technology that was designed to go fast and exceed the competition. There was a Fighter Plane model in one booth and a Formula 1 Racing Simulator in another. My favorite, I must admit, was a large consulting company’s booth covered with many kinds of Trek bikes. I really could use that $4,500 14-lb road bike. Alas, I did not win one, but I must admit that I walked by the booth a number of times just to be close to that wonderful piece of carbon fiber and steel artwork.

What Customers Want: Extreme Performance Without Breaking The Bank

I love tradeshows, and Oracle Open World is no different, because I can talk to lots and lots of customers. Many of the conversations I had, with both customers and OEM/SW partners, were centered on this top performance theme.

The central question for many customers was this: How do I get high performance without breaking the bank or having to rent more datacenter floor space?

Jet at Oracle Open World 2014

Visitors to our booth were very excited to see the broad range of high-performance flash storage options available at the show and, more specifically, in the SanDisk® booth. New features like Atomic Writes for Oracle MySQL and the upcoming Auto-Commit Memory (ACM) provide new opportunities for customers to accelerate their database performance and to improve customer satisfaction with their apps. Couple this with SanDisk’s broad range of enterprise SAS and SATA SSDs, including our 4TB, industry-leading capacity Optimus MAX SSD, and our Fusion-io Memory solutions such as the all- flash ION Accelerator and the powerful PCIe Flash cards – it’s clear that SanDisk has what it takes to provide customers with extreme performance. That high-level of performance can be used to accelerate Oracle as primary storage, as a caching layer to accelerate existing storage or as both in a tiered approach.
eXFlashDIMM Lenovo Server

Through it all, I did not forget my near and dear product, the ULLtraDIMM SSD. As always, customers attending the trade show were very excited to learn that this technology is now shipping on the Lenovo (IBM) System x platforms, and that it will soon show up in key Supermicro and Huawei server offerings. The scalable and ultra-low latency performance of the ULLtraDIMM SSD provides customers with a key tool in their quest to provide their customers with better performance.

Case in point: a financial-services customer visited me at the SanDisk booth to tell me that he is about to deploy a new IBM (now Lenovo) System x server with the eXFlash DIMM solution (which based on ULLtraDIMM technology) to accelerate their financial database performance. His first server will have 12.8TB of eXFlash DIMM storage on the server motherboard. In a future blog I hope to share post- deployment details, as provided by that customer.

Key Takeaways: Top Performance for Oracle Applications

At the end of the day, the show was about extreme performance. As always the best part of this event was having the opportunity to talk to customers about how SanDisk can help them to achieve that high level of performance using the broad range of flash storage solutions that we were showing in our booth. I encourage you to take a look for yourself – we’ve had a series of blog posts on how our solutions accelerate Oracle workloads such as backup, data warehousing and MySQL. Learn how flash can boost your applications at a lower cost and see how our partners are leveraging our flash solutions to bring new levels of efficiency for the deployment, management and maintenance of Oracle environments:

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