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SanDisk® expands its portfolio of enterprise storage solutions with the new FlashSoft™ software for VMware® vSphere®. Compatible with both Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) configurations, the FlashSoft technology caches frequently accessed, “hot” data, on low-latency solid-state devices installed directly in the server, thereby reducing I/O latency that can slow application performance in virtual server environments.

FlashSoft for VMware vSphere software provides a 2x to 4x increase in application performance** on virtual machines, a 2x to 3x increase in VM density* and the ability to run transparently while supporting all VMware vSphere features. Enabling I/O acceleration directly in the servers themselves, this type of performance boost is well-suited to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments and business-critical applications where concerns over response latency often prevent the migration of “tier-one” applications to virtual environments.

We’re thrilled about offering the new FlashSoft software for VMware vSphere to the enterprise market – stay tuned for more good news from SanDisk as it continues to expand its presence in the enterprise storage arena.

The full press release with additional details can be found here.


* Results from OLTP workload test. System under test: Dell R720. Performance numbers are tpm scores. Complete test report available
**Results from tile-based virtualization workload test. System under test: Dell 810. Complete test report available


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