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SanDisk® Lightning Enterprise Solid State Drives (SSDs) were chosen to deliver high I/O performance in the new Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 (Teradata Active EDW), designed to be an analytic workhorse managing tough, real-time workloads for enterprise customers.

The Teradata Active EDW is the company’s newest generation of hybrid storage leveraging a balance of SSDs and HDDs to handle massive data volumes from thousands of concurrent users. The system easily manages concurrent mixed workloads that include ad hoc, tactical, and basic reporting queries.

SanDisk Lightning SSDs are equipped with leading enterprise-class performance, reliability and endurance, making our drives the top pick for the new Teradata Active EDW.

Here are a few links to industry information on the benefits of hybrid storage, and the Teradata press release:

Solid State Drives – A big Step Forward for Analytic Workloads: B-eye Network Podcast, Dan Graham
Teradata’s Hybrid Storage: White paper, Jerome Wendt, DCIG analyst
Hot and Cold Running Data: Teradata Magazine article, Keith Muller
Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 press release


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