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IT is in a tug and pull between delivering performance, scaling with the growth of data and managing growing complexity all at once. But flash lets IT professional have it all, while lowering IT costs. This week the industry shares why it’s time to cash in on flash!

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1+1 = Flash is a Better Bargain

It’s time to do the math. Price reductions, density superiority, and unequaled performance put flash on top. ‘Any way you cut it, solid-state drives are becoming a better bargain than hard disk drives.’ Read more from Jim O’Reilly on NetworkComputing.

Flash Can Consolidate up to 30%

How many servers can you get rid of by adopting all flash arrays? Between 5 to 30 percent of them, according to IDC’s Eric Burgener. And you can reduce the number of storage systems by 50 to 80%! Burgener outlined the “secondary economic benefits” of flash storage during a webinar sponsored by Tegile and hosted by Actual Tech. Because flash arrays can utilize far more processor cycles than standard hard drive-based system, an enterprise can effectively accomplish the same amount of work, or more, with fewer resources.

Watch this week’s on-demand webinar.

Over 1/3 of Enterprise Software Goes Unused, And You’re Paying the Price

Software is supposed to make organizations more efficient, but the open secret of the tech industry is that customers regularly do not get the full value of what they pay for. The latest salvo comes from the U.K.’s IE. In its report, The Real Cost of Unused Software – 2015, the firm states more than one-third of all enterprise software purchases go unused. This amounts to more than $30 billion wasted annually in the U.S. alone, or about $259 per desktop.

What’s the problem? Licensed get renewed when they shouldn’t. Customers don’t understand all of the features. More importantly, customers simply buy too much. What’s the solution? Consolidating applications through higher-throughput flash systems, customers can save thousands a year licensing fees. SQL server 2005 EOS is a great example of how the change in licensing from sockets to cores warrants companies to look into consolidation via you guessed it, flash. Here’s how

Still Scratching Your Head? Making Sense of SSDs

If you are still scratching your head as to how things add up for SSDs and not sure where to start, IT storage pro Anthony Sequeira shares everything you need to know about flash. Read his Q&A ‘Making Sense of SSDs’ on NetworkComputing.


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