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Li-Fi – a Category of Visible Light Communication

If the estimates are true, and by 2019 we’ll have over ten billion mobile devices exchanging 35 quintillion (1018) bytes of information each month (and that’s just from mobile devices!), we have a big problem on our hands. So how will we support all this data?  Say goodbye to Wi-Fi and welcome Li-Fi. Light Fidelity (LiFi) is a category of visible light communication that transmits data via LED. If that’s not cool enough, it’s 100x faster than Wi-Fi, transmitting data at 224Gbps. Yes, there are some minor draw backs to date, such as not being able to penetrate through walls. But with concern over security of data, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. What do you think? Read here.

A Web Server That Can Fit Into Your Pocket

If we can deliver Wi-Fi from our light bulbs, how about a web server in our pockets? Turning ourselves into a mobile hotspot, Ocean is a purpose built portable Linux-powered web server allowing you to run web and Bluetooth applications even if you don’t have direct power. With the growth of IoT devices on the rise, network bandwidth is going to become a real bottleneck, so this device can be used as an IoT hub, ensuring that your lights are on when you arrive home and the coffee is ready when you wake up.

Your Next Big Storage Problem? The Network

CPU and networks used to wait for data. But storage has moved far beyond the limits of 15K drives and is no longer the bottleneck. With new non-volatile memory technologies the assumption that I/O is slow and computation is fast is no longer valid. But new systems are not seeing the same balance as traditional ones. Gains made by networking devices aren’t as significant as the dramatic rise in speed of storage devices. As Enrico Signoretti puts it: “thinking about a single point of access for storage is just crazy! Look ahead for more innovation in system design.

Flash’s Rising Value in the Data Center

Yes, flash powers the spectrum of devices—from tiny computer components, millions of consumer devices, up to a fast growing number of enterprise storage arrays and systems. But flash isn’t replacing HDDs as a whole any time soon in 2016. For now, data centers leverage both flash AND disk. Christine Taylors shares why flash is getting bigger slices of the enterprise data center storage media pie, even if right now it’s still in partnerships made up of different configurations.

Measuring The Enterprise’s Biggest Intangible Asset: Data

“Companies have better accounting for their office furniture than their information assets,” said Douglas Laney, an analyst at technology research and consulting firm Gartner Inc. Big Data analytics are all about monetizing insights from collected information, but what’s the value of that data? Loss, corruption or theft will have prodigious losses. Mary Shacklett prepares for the day we’ll add data to the company’s balance sheet.

15 Insights, 1 Infographic – The Big Data Survey

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? We do, and so does Datafloq who took the results of a Big Data survey run by Dutch data services firm GoDataDriven to provide insight and direction to how companies are finding value in data. Check out their 15 Visual Insights To Get Your Organization Ready For The Future.


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