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With each new year, the number crunching begins. As the world of Big Data and connected devices marches forward at a staggering speed, so do the challenges of the infrastructures that try to keep up. Here's your weekly tech news roundup:

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Data Center Tech Blog

With each new year, the number crunching begins. As the world of Big Data and connected devices marches forward at a staggering speed, so do the challenges of the infrastructures that try to keep up. Here’s your weekly tech news roundup:

  1. IP Traffic gets ridiculously big
  2. CES 2016: IoT is testing the bandwidth of network capacity
  3. Can the internet keep up?
  4. Analysts forecast: the semiconductor industry
  5. 2020: the changing landscape of global mega-hubs
  6. The next car will be powered by the cloud

IP Traffic Gets Very, Very Big

When it comes to cloud computing and just how much data is streaming across our planet, it might be that Ben Kepes coined it best: “Cisco’s global cloud projections may blow your mind.” Read his takeaways on the immensity of data.

CES 2016: Why the IoT Needs Fiber-Optic Broadband To Succeed

One thing was very clear at CES, Consumer Electronic Summit, this year – IOT is shaping our future. But do we have the foundations to support the growth of the connected World? From the connected home to 4K high-definition video, we’ll be testing the bandwidth of current network capacity, driving a need for high-capacity fiber-optic networks.

With Cisco predicating consumers will generated more data than businesses by 2019, and Gartner stating the average family could have as many as 500 network devices by 2022, here’s why it’s time to speed things up!

Is the Internet Getting Old? 

The architecture of the Internet is simply not keeping up with the expanding flow of data, according to a study from network monitoring firm ThousandEyes, and that could lead to more outages and problems for everyone. Even the largest hyperscale customers aren’t immune. Last year, Amazon Web Services experienced a 42 minute outage because of a route leak from a data center, not some nefarious plot to bring it down. It’s an interesting take on infrastructure issues that will be increasingly important over the next few years. These vulnerabilities are also behind the 21% annual growth in data center construction.

Good Times Ahead for the Chip Industry?

How will the semiconductor industry fare in 2016? It depends whom you ask.

Analysts offered similar, but contrasting, forecasts at the annual SEMI event this week, according to Rick Merritt of EE Times. Some of the highlights:

  • Bill McClean of IC Insights says global revenue and less-than-expected fab capacity could raise global revenues by 4% in 2016 to $367 billion with long-term revenues rising to 6-7%
  • Handel Jones of IBS, meanwhile, says smartphone sales may slip, causing the industry to contract by three percent. Foundries are also struggling with filling cutting edge capacity.
  • Gartner says look for 1.9% growth.

If you average it all together, the outlook seems cautiously optimistic. But everyone likes flash:

“NAND flash is “a rare bright spot” with an 8.7% compound growth rate through 2019 and an increasing amount of sales in vertical NAND chips sold in solid-state drives,” Gartner’s Johnson said, writes Merritt.

How Many People Will Be Middle Class by 2030?

If you guessed 4.9 billion, you’re a great guesstimator, or you’re an analyst from the Brookings Institution who helped compile a fascinating study on the near-term changes coming to ports through commerce trends and trade deals. More and more business is shifting to the cloud, but, let’s face it, things still have to travel from point A to point B. Take a look at the EBN article from Bruce Gain.

Audi Unveils a Car That Runs on the Cloud

Finally we can take the bad drives off the road. Audi announced their e-tron Quatro will leverage swarm intelligence to provide the car with real-time information on its surroundings. In the future all kinds of car manufactures will leverage the cloud to gather information of the surrounding area and send information back to the vehicle. Lets just hope it remembers to use its blinker. Read it here

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