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This week the industry was talking, hypothesizing and even reexamining new technologies. So what’s ahead for IT? Here’s your tech roundup.

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1. Emerging New IT Infrastructure

A new IT infrastructure is forming around flash, containers, OpenStack, and hyper-convergence says Wikibon. These principal elements are changing the enterprise IT infrastructure landscape and CIOs must understand them in order to maximize their advantages.

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2. The Container Buzz – A Storage Angle

If you’re wondering what all the industry buzz around containers and Docker has to do with flash, Biswapati Bhattacharjee takes a closer look why flash helping containers’ success story.

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3. Thin Client Devices Revisited

Thin Clients–i.e. desktops that leverage the processing power of data center servers to lower costs, energy and maintenance—have long been a dream in the tech industry. Scott McNealy tried (and failed) So did Larry Ellison. The speed of flash is changing the picture. But, is flash right for you? The Register is taking a poll. If you’re intrigued by the idea, they would likely like your input.

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4. An Information Superhighway for Super Users?

Larry Smarr, one of the pioneers of the Internet, has an intriguing idea: what if you created a fiber optic network dedicated to Big Data. It could move data at 1,000 times faster and help solve some of our biggest scientific and social challenges in much less time.

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5. Getting More from Hardware With Intelligent Software

Accelerating application performance is no longer just about plugging a faster device. The industry is moving towards holistic thinking. Flash software is key in improving server utilization and increasing workload performance. Here are a few examples:

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