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Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is just two days away and we’re looking forward to being with you in San Francisco during one of the industry’s biggest events. It presents an opportunity to get in-depth learning on the latest trends, network with peers, and hear directly from the people moving our industry. And it’s a great opportunity for us to meet with you.

SanDisk® has had a busy year in the enterprise market. Fusion-io is now a proud member of the SanDisk family, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! From bringing the first 4TB SAS SSD to market, to our ultra low latency ULLtraDIMM solution announcing its 3rd design win just a week ago, and working with our partners to deliver simple and innovative solutions – SanDisk is focused on transforming the data center with flash. 

Throughout the show, our booth will host eight solution demonstrations that expand the possibilities of storage and accelerate Oracle workloads. I want to share with you a short overview of some of the solutions we’re showcasing and what you can expect to see and learn:

1. SanDisk ULLtraDIMM – Accelerate Application Performance with Memory Channel Storage

Leverage the system memory channel with enterprise flash to accelerate application performance. We’re showcasing SanDisk ULLtraDIMM device installed directly in the server’s DIMM slots – next to the system’s memory channel. As “flash on the memory bus”, multiple ULLtraDIMM SSDs, each with 200-400GB onboard, can be installed directly in the system DIMM slots – providing up to 12 TB of storage, or more, per server. Remove storage I/O bottlenecks with ultra-low, microsecond latency and achieve dramatic application acceleration.

2. SanDisk Auto-Commit Memory for Oracle MySQL – Accelerate Oracle Databases through Software Defined Memory

The best generation of Fusion ioMemory is speeding performance for Oracle MySQL.  This Technology Preview demonstration highlights MySQL acceleration with Auto-Commit Memory, a software interface that runs on SanDisk’s Fusion ioMemory PCIe-based flash storage.  We’re showing you how allowing applications such as relational databases to treat flash as a persistent extension of system memory (Software Defined Memory) rather than simply a fast block storage device can vastly improve throughput and latency.  The result? Over 3x improvement in overall transaction throughput and over 4x improvement in latency.

3. SanDisk ION Accelerator – High Availability for Oracle with High Performance All-Flash Array

Get a deeper overview of the SanDisk ION Accelerator and its benefits for accelerating Oracle database and applications.  We’re illustrating the performance capabilities and flexibility of deploying ION as a shared, highly available, all-flash solution for Oracle.  Included is a demonstration of fast Oracle failover with ION HA and ease of use provided by ION’s integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

4. Oracle Data Warehouse – Faster Response Time for Data Warehouse Queries with SanDisk SSDs

SanDisk Optimus SAS SSDs significantly accelerate performance for Oracle Data Warehouse workloads. When tested against hard-disk drives (HDDs) this solution delivered more than twice the performance. Associated results also show that the Optimus SAS SSDs provided parallel query performance that was 50% faster than with HDDs – and a consistent 50% performance benefit across database sizes ranging from 100 GB to 1 TB.

5. Atomic Writes for Oracle – Accelerate Oracle MySQL through Atomic Writes

Learn how to accelerate Oracle MySQL performance with SanDisk’s newly released NVMFS software and the Atomic Writes API.  This new software environment, combined with SanDisk’s Fusion ioMemory PCIe-based flash, dramatically increases database performance by making use of memory-like features of flash, bypassing double-buffer writes and extending the life of flash devices by reducing the number of writes to the device.

6. Oracle NoSQL – Leverage SanDisk SSDs to Optimize Oracle NoSQL Workloads

Get more insights from your big data, faster. This demo highlights dramatic performance acceleration of Oracle NoSQL workloads running on SanDisk CloudSpeed SATA solid-state drives (SSDs). Performance increased 13 – 26x faster on SanDisk SSDs delivering faster query response times and lower operational costs compared with hard-disk drives (HDDs) solutions.

7. Oracle ZFS – SanDisk SSDs Deliver Lower Costs and Efficiency for Highly Scalable Data Workloads

This demo shows SanDisk SSDs used with the Oracle ZFS Storage solution to provide high performance storage supporting requirements for rapidly growing workloads in cloud computing and enterprise data centers. This demo shows the Oracle ZFS file system running on an Oracle T5 SPARC-based server populated by SanDisk Lightning SSDs.

8. Oracle Backup – Improve Business Productivity Through Accelerated Backup/Recovery

Don’t lose time due to downtime. Keep critical business running and get fast Oracle backup performance with SanDisk Optimus Eco SAS solid-state drives (SSDs). The solution leverages Oracle’s Data Pump and Oracle’s Recovery Manager (RMAN) software for backup/recovery operations, demonstrating a performance advantage of more than 50% with only 4 SanDisk Optimus SSDs, compared to the performance provided by 16 hard-disk drives (HDDs).

In addition to our demos we will be holding daily in-booth raffles for iPad Minis signed by Steve Wozniak and hosting two main event Speaking Sessions where we will talk about how to achieve significant business value through the acceleration of Oracle database and applications:

  • Accelerate Revenue and Reduce TCO with SanDisk Shared Flash”, presented by Jody Kirk, Director Product Management.  Monday 9/29 at 2:30pm – 2:50pm, at Moscone South at the Scene and Be Heard Theatre (#313)
  • Eliminating Transaction Latency in MySQL”, Conference Session, presented by Nisha Talagala, Fellow. Tuesday, 9/30 at 10:45am – 11:30am, at Moscone South #262.

Be sure to stop by the SanDisk booth #1429 at Oracle OpenWorld and also visit SanDisk kiosk (SLX-020) at the Oracle Linux and Virtualization Showcase to learn more about the full range of SanDisk enterprise flash solutions for your Oracle environment.  Follow our conversation on Twitter @SanDiskDataCtr and LinkedIn where we will keep you updated with the latest from the event. 

Accelerate Oracle Data Warehouse Performance using SanDisk Optimus SAS SSDs

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