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Rob Callaghan

Product Marketing Manager, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions

The world of the cloud and business analytic workloads is growing more and more demanding, and it’s pushing server infrastructure to new limits. The hunt for cost-optimized, fit-for-the-job IT solutions that can scale and deliver real-time access to data, is driving innovation in the industry to new heights.

One of our long-standing OEM partners, Lenovo, was among the first to see the value of the innovative technology enabling flash on DIMM. I’ve written about SanDisk® ULLtraDIMM and Lenovo’s adoption of this technology previously on this blog, including the unique use case  with Lenovo, SanDisk and Atlantis Computing solution.

New Server Qualification

This same flash DIMM technology was recently qualified for more of Lenovo’s server systems, including Lenovo System x3850 X6 and the eight-socket Lenovo System x3950.

Branded as eXFlash DIMM, the ultra-low latency of this technology (with an incredible 5-10 microsecond write latency) and predictable access from storage to the processor, accelerates application performance beyond what has been possible using other storage approaches. This performance also makes it uniquely suited for Wall Street and high-frequency applications. We’re seeing ULLtraDIMM deployed in environments where time to actionable decision is critical to for success and 2nd place is not good enough.

No matter how bandwidth or capacity intensive, the eXFlash expands the reach of flash throughout the data center and scales to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprise applications. And better yet, it does this at a lower cost.

The Benefits of eXFlash Memory-Channel Storage

Lenovo has a great paper on the benefits of eXFlash Memory-Channel Storage in enterprise solutions and how this technology is improving user and business productivity and allowing faster data processing to enable organizations to make strategic business decisions in a timely manner.

We’re proud to help our partners build better, more efficient, highly-scalable solutions with extreme performance. We’re thrilled to see our technology powering more and more business critical workloads and help organizations reduce costs through consolidation and lower power and cooling needs.

Our partnership with Lenovo has spanned multiple generations of servers, and I’m excited to see us expanding the possibilities even further.

Learn more about eXFlash DDR3 Storage DIMMs on Lenovo and IBM’s website.

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