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SanDisk® will be demoing solutions for VMware’s Virtual SAN and VMware Horizon in booth #1023

Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) has forced the hand of IT departments to accommodate, despite early reluctance, the plethora of phones and tablets for end-user productivity by the way of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). To support BYOD, VMware Horizon enables an “any device, anywhere” policy for stateless work environments, which can span seamlessly from an iPad at the beach to a laptop at on the road.

BYOD and traditional VDI use cases (retail, development, centralized desktop application deployment) have raised expectations of smooth end-user operations, fast application response time, and high reliability for business-critical functions.

Because VDI I/O operations become centralized onto a common storage infrastructure, an underlying storage infrastructure must perform at high I/O levels with the lowest latency possible in order to avoid one or many technical issues that may stifle end-user satisfaction and productivity.

VDI poor performance and scalability challenges can have the following root cause(s):

  • Inability to handle peak performance, i.e., boot, login, and read/write storms
  • Inability to scale at a cost-effective rate for linear growth
  • Initial storage acquisition costs may not be cost-optimized for a particular VDI density of hundreds of users
  • Cumbersome administration, e.g., cloning

To help alleviate these root causes of poor VDI performance, VMware’s virtual storage solution, VMware Virtual SAN, aims to address some long-term concerns about traditional storage solutions. Long-term concerns of existing solutions can be characterized as vendor lock-in, storage silos, and inter-system incompatibility.

With productivity stakes with for today’s VDI expectations at a high level and the desire to leverage virtual SANs as an alternative to traditional storage technology, SanDisk flash storage is able to provide the necessary I/O demand, along with response times to satisfy latency thresholds to avoid poor application and data performance.

Because flash solutions don’t end with mere I/O performance and latency characteristics, SanDisk, as a trusted business partner, provides a level of partnership necessary for the flash-transformed data center journey.

SanDisk, with its own NAND flash fabrication plant, is able to provide a steady supply of high-quality NAND product with high endurance levels, made possible through SanDisk Guardian Technology Platform. As flash technology evolves, SanDisk innovation will continue to leverage its fab for continued enterprise solutions, as proven with the broadest flash storage product and solution portfolio in the market: Memory Channel Storage, PCIe, SAS, SATA, In-Memory Computing/Key Value Store, and caching, along with certified solutions for VMware.

SanDisk in booth #1023 will be exhibiting the following along with in-booth theater presentations scheduled throughout VMworld:

  • How Memory Channel Storage, ULLtraDIMM, addresses low latency performance for VDI and business-critical applications
  • Reduce common VDI Operational tasks through the use of flash-optimized virtualization for improved VDI end-user experiences
  • Overcome VDI poor performance, i.e., boot storms, with tailored flash storage configurations
  • Application and Database acceleration with in-memory computing and caching

SanDisk subject matter experts will be on-hand to share details on how SanDisk flash solutions can be leveraged to address VDI, Virtual SAN, and application/database acceleration.

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