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It’s been an exciting few days for SanDisk® at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., as the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of flash memory technology.

Flash memory is used by billions of consumers and countless businesses in smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin laptops, data centers and other electronic devices. In just 25 short years, flash memory has reshaped the consumer electronics industry and produced many of the key innovations enabling the digital world of tomorrow.

IEEE – the world’s largest technical professional association – honored SanDisk’s co-founder and retired CEO, Eli Harari, with the prestigious IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing award for the floating gate EEPROM, a significant technological innovation that enabled data storage in flash memory. Also, Eli was moved by a tribute video that highlighted the impact that flash memory has had on the consumer electronics industry and the millions of people around the world who rely on the mobile devices that are a key part of their digital lifestyle. The video can be viewed here.

In addition, executive speakers across the client and enterprise storage solutions businesses participated in panel discussions and presentations that cover the breadth of enterprise offerings and supporting activities, ranging from flash-based enterprise hardware and software to server virtualization and protocol interfaces designed to accelerate application performance even further. Client-based storage solutions were also highlighted and focused on the future of storage interfaces as well as the explosive growth in SSDs that is being driven by the emergence of ultra-thin laptops and the promise of new, higher-performing desktops for consumers.

At SanDisk, we envision a world where flash memory fuels every interaction with digital content, from capturing photos on a smartphone to sharing those images via the cloud powered by SSDs. Flash memory is uniquely suited to meet the needs of consumers and businesses, and SanDisk is committed to enriching people’s lives through anywhere, anytime access to digital content.



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