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John Scaramuzzo

Senior Vice President, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions

Software-Defined-Storage (SDS) is just one of the many ways that today’s data center is being revolutionized. This approach allows enterprise customers to break the traditional barriers between the compute, storage, and network layers of the data center and create new models leveraging software to increase the ROI of their existing storage infrastructure. We’ve previously shared some of the ways our customers are already benefiting from the combination of flash and software, but today we’re excited to announce a NEW way that customers can take advantage of the ‘one-two punch’ of flash storage and software to change the way that they build their next generation data centers.

SanDisk logo redYesterday, SanDisk® announced that our enterprise SAS SSDs have been certified for use with the VMware Virtual SAN™ software-defined storage solution. With this new certification, SanDisk SSDs will be available for customers looking to marry the game-changing performance of flash with the flexibility of a software-defined storage approach.

SanDisk sees flash as both a key enabler of virtualization and a key element for unlocking the true potential of the software-defined data center (SDDC). software defined data centerUsing software as a means for controlling data center operations allows system and storage administrators to optimize their data center resources to lower capital and operating expenses and significantly reduce their total cost of ownership. By combining VMware Virtual SAN™ with SanDisk’s newly certified SAS SSDs, customers cannot only experience performance that is superior to traditional storage, but is also a reliable, enterprise-class solution for the I/O intensive environments of the emerging software-defined data center.

Building upon our December announcement that SanDisk and Dell PowerEdge® R720 and T620 servers had also been certified for use with VMware Virtual SAN™, today’s announcement now provides customers with two ways of incorporating low-latency SAS SSDs into their data centers.

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