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Guest blog post by Dolly Isaa, Director of Sales Engineering – Federal

ALOHA!  Next week, SanDisk® Enterprise will be at TechNet Asia-Pacific showcasing solutions that enable the flash-transformed data center.

TechNet Asia-Pacific is the region’s premier and largest event for defense and government technology. Fusion-io, now a SanDisk company, has been a leading provider of flash technology to the US Federal Government. Our solutions accelerate response times for boots-on-the-ground military, enable smarter systems to save lives, help intelligence agencies transform data into information faster and achieve compliance without compromise.

Speed where you Need it!

Stop by the SanDisk booth #717 to see a demo of the incredible performance SanDisk ioMemory products can deliver.

This will be a great opportunity to speak with our experts and see how SanDisk flash solutions can transform your organization in the areas of:

  • Server virtualization: Increase the efficiency and response time of your virtualization platform
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): Is your VDI implementation not meeting the expected demands? See how you can improve the user experience of your VDI environment
  • Maximize DB performance: Learn how to maximize the performance of your Oracle and SQL deployments without forklift upgrades or painful large data migrations
  • Shrink Footprint and Energy costs: Learn how SanDisk technology is driving down the data center footprint and associated energy costs

Let us know if you’ll be attending TechNet Asia-Pacific, and join the conversation on Twitter with @SanDiskDataCtr.

See you in Honolulu!

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