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With industry-leading low latency, game-changing performance, exceptional scalability and extremely competitive cost structure, see why the ION Accelerator is a premier storage solution for HANA TDI deployments.

Last week, I wrote about SanDisk® at HANA 2015 and our SAP HANA solution with ION Accelerator, our SAP certified, all-flash shared storage appliance. ION provides extreme, award-winning performance performance storage of data and log volumes for multi-node HANA deployments – scaling to up 32 HANA nodes in just 4U of flash. This makes ION a leading, cost-effective and scalable storage solutions for HANA in the industry.

I’d like to follow up today with some additional information to consider for optimizing your HANA environment for cost, performance and scalability.

As part of SAP’s Enterprise Storage Hardware for SAP HANA program, SanDisk’s ION Accelerator is a natural choice for enterprises looking to provide shared storage environments as part of an SAP Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) deployment. The SAP TDI program allows enterprises to leverage their existing Storage Area Network (SAN) architectures with any existing investments in data management such as data center backup and disaster recovery policies, while maintaining the confidence of interoperability, performance and integrity that comes from SAP’s certification of SanDisk ION Accelerator. The extreme performance, throughput and reliability of SanDisk’s ION Accelerator gives customers an advantage and confidence that this solution can scale dramatically as their requirements for HANA database deployments expand, protecting their HANA hardware investment while also providing significant cost optimizations.

High Availability TDI configuration

With HANA TDI, the ability to export the data and log volumes to a SAN or other shared storage environment was introduced. Enterprise customers have the flexibility to deploy certified servers with shared storage environments that have the SAP HANA Enterprise Storage certification – including the SanDisk ION Accelerator. With ION, HANA data and log volumes can be shared on the storage tier and therefore be part of the standard enterprise data management systems for performing tasks like data archiving, backing-up and disaster recovery. The graphic below highlights ION Accelerator in a High Availability TDI configuration deployment.

SanDisk ION Accelerator – Optimizing Your Multi-Node SAP_HANA_Environment_For_Cost_Performance_and_Scalability

As Enterprise customers look for ways to improve the performance of their data-centric applications like ERP and CRM systems, they are increasingly finding the benefits of an in-memory architecture like SAP HANA will meet even their most demanding workloads. But getting SAP HANA deployments to integrate well with existing data management procedures and to meet restrictive IT budgets, yet still be able to scale to meet today’s needs and future needs, requires a new set of storage infrastructure. Existing SANs are expensive and complex to scale and can create a performance bottleneck that will undermine the advantages of in-memory databases. Given these complexities, customers who need to rely on HANA for their applications also need a storage solution that will keep pace. SanDisk has just such a solution with the ION Accelerator. With industry-leading low latency, game-changing performance, exceptional scalability and extremely competitive cost structure, the ION Accelerator is a premier storage solution for HANA TDI deployments.

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