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This week is all about the customer.


The Internet of the Customer

If you were in San Francisco, you couldn’t miss the estimated 170,000 guests flocking Dreamforce 2015. Some of the most talked about news to come out of the event is the new Internet of Things (IoT) platform: Thunder, a massively scalable, real-time event processing engine – Forbes shares more about ‘The Internet of Customers’.


Time of the Customer – Data Warehouse

To stay ahead companies are need the right tools to analyze their customer data and extract actionable business insights. But to deploy a cost-effective data warehouse solution you need balance. Peter Plamondon shares how flash comes to the rescue – more queries, less footprint. Read it here.



The State of Internal Customers

Internal customers are no less important. According to a recent survey IT and business are seeing better relations, as IT budgets grow alongside confidence. Security, Mobility and DevOps remain a high concern while applications’ infrastructure are on the top IT’s to-do list (Flash anyone?) – get your 2015 IT Reality Check on

Back to the Future with Ferroelectric Memory

Ferroelectric Memory Company (FMC), a startup out of the Technical University of Dresden, is attempting to commercialize ferroelectric memory, an idea first discussed in the 1950s, according to the Register. A prototype holds 1200 bits. The company is also working on future prototypes with Globalfoundries.

The memory and storage markets will undergo a vast transformation in the next few years. NAND and 3D NAND will change both the performance and design of computers as they displace hard drives. Storage Class Memory, a new class of memory that will sit between DRAM and storage devices, will begin to percolate into the market over the next decade.

It’s not easy bringing new memory architectures to market. It involves fundamental breakthroughs in material science, cell design, manufacturing and other breakthroughs. You can argue that NAND, which debuted in the late 80s, is the last time a new architecture came to market. Still, ideas and concepts from startups and lab experiments will often find their way to market. Keep your eye on this space.    

The Big Surprise In Computer Energy Consumption

6 Tips for CIOs to Follow in 2016

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