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VMworld 2014It seems that every year we come to VMworld, we bring exciting news that we can’t wait to share with the VMware community. This year is no different, though this year’s news may be the most important for our Flash Virtualization® solutions so far.

This year SanDisk® is announcing our collaboration with VMware in the development of the new vSphere APIs for IO Filtering. The vSphere APIs for IO Filtering is an initiative by VMware to allow third party technologies to participate in the disk IO from a guest VM within ESXi 6. These APIs will enable third parties to provide VMDK granular caching solutions that run natively in ESXi in a fully supported manner.

SanDisk was selected to be VMware’s design partner for the APIs for IO Filtering for server-side solid-state caching, to help design and develop the APIs. The FlashSoft team at SanDisk are not only working on the API design, but we are actively working on implementing our next version of FlashSoft for vSphere based on the vSphere APIs for IO Filtering in ESXi 6.0. We plan to have our product ready for the launch of ESXi 6.0 early next year.

Why is this news exciting? It introduces a means for vSphere to provide a native, fully-supported architecture for third party technologies to deliver cluster-wide write-back caching using solid-state storage in the host servers. Just as importantly, it supports a broad range of storage architectures, including VMFS, NFS and VVOLs. In the world of server-side solid-state caching for VMware vSphere, it’s a big step forward.

Here’s to the exciting new developments for solid-state caching in vSphere in 2015!

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