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2013 was an incredible year for flash technology, as it began to transform and advance data centers en masse. December alone was a bash of key industry events reflecting on major trends and innovations that are shaping the future of data storage technology.

I had the great pleasure of attending Dell World 2013 where I had the opportunity to meet with end-customers from all types of industries to talk about how flash can benefit their infrastructure, and demonstrate the powerful and cost-effective solutions SanDisk® and Dell enable.

Dell World 2013SanDisk and Dell’s partnership spans across consumer, business and enterprise solutions – from notebooks and tablets, all the way to servers and storage systems. It was particularly exciting to share the announcement of SanDisk SSDs’ certification in VMware’s VSAN within Dell Servers, and see how flash is playing a key role in emerging technologies such as software-defined storage.

Video Interview – Why Flash Technology is Taking Off in the Data Center
I also had the opportunity to join reporter Susan Nunziata of Dell World TV to discuss what SanDisk has brought to the enterprise buyer, highlight flash technology business drivers for enterprises and SMBs, trends in data protection, cloud hyperscale infrastructures, big data, and mobility, and the emergence of the all flash data center.

You can watch the 15-minute interview below:

Dell and SanDisk Webinar: How to Get Flash for the Price of Disk Storage

If you’d like to dive deeper and learn more about how to implement flash in your data center with SanDisk and Dell solutions, you can stream our joint webinar with myself, Dan Sutherland, of the Dell Infrastructure Solutions Marketing, and Julita Kussmaul, of the Dell Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Group. You will learn how new flash solutions revolutionize the current storage price model, providing flash performance at rotating disk capacities and prices:

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