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According to the recent briefing report from Eric Slack, senior analyst for Storage Switzerland, “‘More and faster’ seems to be the focus of many solid state storage devices…[but] SanDisk® took a different approach with the Lightning Solid State Accelerator.”

There are many storage offerings in the market today that offer “impressive top end specs, but can’t sustain even a reasonable level of performance when under severe workloads…SanDisk’s Lightning SSA was designed to address this problem.”

Sustained, predictable performance over time at a cost-effective price point to provide consistent application acceleration regardless of the workloads that a given device is subjected to is what customers need for success. And, the Lightning PCIe SSAs offer just that. Plus, when combined with FlashSoft caching solutions, “the Lightning SSA can deliver consistent, predictable acceleration, regardless of workload, at a price point that fits more use cases.”

Check out the full report, including additional specs and details, here.



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