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Is it the end for smartphones?

The smartphone market has declined for the first time ever, including a first-time drop in iPhone sales. Is this the beginning of the end? Maybe we’ve reached ‘peak smartphone’ but the market is realizing that it might not me the phone itself that needs further innovation but rather its case. Computerworld has gathered 7 exciting new designs that are bringing a new frontier and securing the smartphone future.

To exaflop and beyond

We know that Moore’s law is slowly becoming defunct, and when the last US built supercomputer came out in 2008, it was clear that it will be difficult to build the next iteration, that’s 1000 times more powerful, within the next decade. As expected, it won’t be finished in 10 years; the latest deadline to reach exaflop level is projected in 2023. If you’re curious about the next giant leap in supercomputing and how it’s going solve science problems 50 times faster than today – read on!

Paging Dr. Echo!

Amazon just added a new useful feature set to its Echo system: real-time children’s health advice, powered by the Boston Children’s Hospital. The new feature can help parents to determine whether or not they seek a medical professional’s help based on symptoms or provide dosage advice based on age and weight—all with hands-free interaction. InformationWeek has more on the latest healthcare AI skills.

Colonizing Mars in 2018

Now that the news on the next Tesla is out, Elon Musk has something new to share. SpaceX’s 6,000kg Red Dragon spacecraft is planned to land on the surface of Mars as soon as 2018. So how can a private company kick off the colonization of the solar system, what’s NASA’s role, and how will this impact the human race? Run over to arstechnica for more.

New IoT will disrupt Tour de France

When we think IoT, many things spring to mind—refrigerators, cars, houses, you name it! But where IoT is really having a visible breakthrough is the world of sports and fitness. Dimension Data joined as the main technology sponsors for last year’s Tour de France, and what they have done together with their partner IBM to track down and analyze each of the 198 riders of last year’s tour is remarkable. So how do they collect and analyze data in real-time and what’s ahead for this year? Read the interview with IBM’s Chris Howard.

All-Flash Versus Hybrid VMware Virtual SAN™: Performance vs. Price

5 Things You Need to Know About Enterprise Flash

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