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Tech’s Biggest Giants Join Unlikely Hands to Make Font History

Have you ever experienced how the font of your favorite website looked completely different on someone else’s device? Or maybe you had to zoom into an article after flipping your phone to its side? Welcome to the daily nightmare of web designers. When typographers initially created fonts, they had a static medium in mind: print. But these fixed fonts work very poorly in a digital, responsive world. In fact, they cause so much havoc that four unlikely collaborators (Apple®, Google®, Microsoft®, and Adobe®) have joined forces to fix this problem. Get to know the future of Variable Fonts.

A Big Data Look at China

A country doesn’t necessarily have to be a dictatorship to publish manipulated numbers of their economy’s growth and prosperity. But a growing universe of Big Data can now provide a parallel, alternative, and timely view into an economy. Bloomberg Intelligence economists, Tom Orlik and Justin Jimenez, investigated the world’s second-largest economy through a Big Data lens. The outcome is interestingly close to the official numbers, at least in some areas. See how Big Data backs China’s official stats.

A Glimpse into North Korea’s Internet

North Korea’s internet might even be tighter than its borders. The dictatorship notoriously restricts access to the internet for its citizens, but it does maintain several websites that can be viewed outside the country. Due to someone’s mistake in the country’s name server (we hope the poor person isn’t going to end up in a prison camp) the full range of North Korea’s web was exposed, and it consists of a whopping 28 pages. Here’s what the North Korean internet really looks like.

Cloud, Cloud and Even More Cloud

Cloud is the way the world is heading and everyone is trying to get their share. The competition of providers and solutions just grew bigger this week with a new cloud strategy – Oracle® is stepping in to offer everything from public cloud solutions, to on-premise services and all that’s in between. Can the database giant challenge the incumbents and bring even more customers on board the cloud? The Register wraps up the big news from Oracle OpenWorld.

Technology Trends That Actually Matter

Technology moves fast. Some of the big trends of a few years ago turned out to not be that big after all. So what technologies will leave a mark in five years? Forrester looks at five technologies that remake the way enterprises run and how people consume. Read more about the technologies that are here to stay and change the way we live and work. 

Internet May Get 1,000 Times Faster

Remember the first generation DSL’s up and download speeds? Or what about ISDN, that pre-DSL technology that delivered data to our homes at 64 kbits? As frustrating as that may sound, internet speeds today are still too slow for our standards. Thanks to streaming services, bandwidth has become one of the key obstacles for ISPs. A new experimental technology, that could deliver speeds up to one terabit of data per second, was just announced by Nokia – here’s a glimpse into a fast future.

Update on Storage Spaces – A Surge of Adoption

Between Data Storage and Diversity: Open Source Trends

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