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This week in tech: Election Tech, Big Data and the future of individual traffic.

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Why Cars Need AI

Sometimes, looking at the mundane can lead to the most astounding results. Gazing at clogged traffic during rush hour leaves us pondering how individual transportation could become more efficient and less frustrating. Driverless, AI-enabled transportation might be the answer towards a better utilization of cars and far less congestive traffic. Considering cars currently sit idle for 95% of their life span, it’s incredible how often we find ourselves at a standstill. Curious to know what our cities might look like in 2025? Read on!

Election Tech – Donald Trump Meets Big Data

Politics aside, the key to understanding the phenomena of Donald Trump might lay in Election Tech. TechRepublic shares a deep insight into the Big Data that explains a thing or two about how Trump trounced his competition on social media. Get to know the ‘Animosity Index.’

Are HDDs Adopting SSD Lifespan Metrics?

One of the many great attributes of flash storage: predictable life span. Your data center (and even your laptop) have been architected with a designated writes per year of the flash drive. On the other side of the spectrum, HDDs are notorious for failing unpredictably. Yet the latest generation of HDDs now introduce write per year limitations for their large capacity drives. Chris Evans looks at why disk capacity rises are working against endurance

Let the Wookie Win!

Han Solo was probably right: let the Wookie win! We’d love to, but in order to follow that advice, we’d need booth a Wookie —  and Holochess! A Wookie as a roommate seems still far away, but through the means of AI, VI, and Kickstarter campaign, Holochess, now coined as ‘HoloGrid: Monster Battle’ will hopefully soon enrich our gaming experience. Here’s more on your old-school stop-motion style holographic chess board!

It’s Official: Hyper-Converged to Take Over the Data Center

Gartner’s latest outlook: hyper-convergers are eating integrated systems for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a predicted growth of 79% this year, equaling to $5bn in sales, integrated systems better watch out! The Register has more on where the data center is headed.

5 Things You Need to Know About Enterprise Flash

May - A Month of Virtualization and Flash

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