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3D Printing Hits the Skies

3D printing hit the market with small-scale models yet quickly became a revolutionary tool to construct new things in unprecedented speed (including entire houses and neighborhoods, no joke!). And now? Airbus lifts off with the first 3D printed model of an aircraft. How safe could a 3D printed aircraft be? Well here’s a fun fact to consider: the long-range, twin-engine jet airliner A350 XWB already uses over 1,000 3D printed parts onboard. Ready for the skies? Read it here.

Biomechanical Prosthesis That Can Tattoo!

There are many ways to go about the loss of a limb. And if you are right-handed, lose your arm and also happen to be a visual artist of sorts, most people might lose hope and try and seek a new career. Not JC Sheitan Tenet, a tattoo artist from France. When he lost his arm, he first re-learned his profession with his left arm. But technology brought in an even better solution. JC Sheitan just got a new prostate with a built-in inking machine, steam-punk style. Another great example why technology is awesome!

The Most Luxurious Self-Driving Car

Move over Google and Elon Musk, Rolls-Royce puts the future on notice with its new electric, self-driving, luxury concept car. Good that you don’t have to worry about how to park the 19.4 ft long and 5.2 ft wide car, as the Rolls Royce version of Siri called Eleanor will do that for you. See pictures of the silk covered sofa and Macassar wood paneling here!

IoT Goes IoFT

IoFT? If you are familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s likely that you also own an IoFT device without even being aware. IoFT stands for Internet of Financial Things, and if you have a smart phone with a built-in payment function, like Apple Wallet or Android Pay, you are carrying one 24/7. Will the IoFT become the primary way we will pay for things? Here’s why the future is pointing in this direction.

How Water Thirsty are Apple’s Data Centers?

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you’ll know that TCO is a much-discussed topic here. Cooling of data centers has become a severe issue for companies and communities alike. Apple recently released their annual Environmental Responsibility Report with details of the massive water consumptions of their data centers and their efforts to minimize its effects on the environment. So just how much is 160 million gallons? Data Center Knowledge shares more.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 55 Facts About Google That You Never Knew

Every applied for a job at Google? If you didn’t make it into the tech-giant, it might be comforting to know that 2.5 million people send them their resumes every year! Check out these 55 facts about the search engine empire that you probably didn’t know.

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