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Fitness apps help plan better cities, Barbie’s new house is smarter than yours, and major publications go encrypted - this is your tech news roundup!

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Fitness Apps to Help Plan Better Cities

Getting a grip on how citizens use alternative modes of transportation in metropolitan areas can be difficult if city planners have to rely on surveys alone. But the growing use of fitness apps is revolutionizing the way urban planners can understand the routes of cycling and pedestrian commuters. 70 cities are already using data from the popular fitness app Strava with the hopes of make biking and pedestrian infrastructure safer and more appealing. Here’s the story.

Barbie’s New House is Smarter Than Yours

Do your kids need the new Barbie Dream House, even if last year’s model was already delivered by Santa? Well, depends on how you look at it. If you want to use your kids as an excuse to start dreaming of how smart you’d like your own house to be, this might be the gadget your family needs. Who doesn’t want to say “Mermaid Party” out loud and the whole house starts flashing with disco lights? Judge for yourself.

Major Publications Now Encrypted

When a major publication like Wired decides to go encrypted, it has to secure 23 years of content (links, videos, ads)! Even one of HTTPS’s biggest advocates found that the transition is a long and arduous one. With the call for widespread encryption growing stronger, they hope they will serve as an example to others. Take a look behind the scenes of Wired’s journey to safer browsing.

The Post-Email Enterprise

Is reading your email still the first thing you do in the morning? Well, move over dinosaur, the end of email is getting nearer. All major players, be it Google, Microsoft, and others, are currently looking into more efficient ways to organize communication in the enterprise. So what’s a post-email world going to look like? Here’s the latest on the post-email future.

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PC Market Vendors Must Innovate or Die

The PC players have been spoiled by decades of incredible growth. But now the market has come to a massive slowdown. Just think ten years back, the performance gains of PCs over their previous generations were so large that many of us would shell out big bucks year after year to get the latest in PC technology. But today’s consumers and prosumers are keeping their machines for much longer. Here’s why Gartner says businesses in the PC market must innovate by 2020 or die.

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