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Backups Never Fail Until You Really Need Them

If you think that backups are something only consumers fail miserably at, you better think twice. The US Air Force just lost around 100,000 investigation files thanks to a corrupt database. Files dating all the way back to 2004 are now gone missing and unrecoverable. So take this is a great reminder to step up the game of your backup strategy before you hit the summer break and read more about the colossal database crash here.

The World’s Busiest Airport

If infrastructure is your thing and you like data operations in XL sizes and real-time, we are pretty sure you are curious about the data that keeps 5,000 flights a day up in the air. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the NASA-inspired control room of the world’s largest airline.

Brexit and IT Spending

Brexit has many implications for many businesses, including the IT world and the industry as a whole. Gartner’s IT spending forecast was based on a modeling under the assumption that Brits would vote to remain in the EU, so now they are crunching the annual numbers anew. With the British Pound hitting a thirty-year low, large US vendors are now forced to react to the currency changes. Read more here about the Brexit impact.

Smartphones May Save Humanity

Our smartphones can do a lot of things. They guide us through the rigors and challenges of daily life, they are loyal companions that help us pass time in airports, and they provide a means of communication when we feel alone. But could your smartphone also battle worldwide epidemics like Zika and Malaria? Thanks to the IBM World Community Grid, smartphones of users worldwide can be bundled into supercomputers, providing researchers with unprecedented computing power (without interrupting your work flow). That’s how we like tech!

How Smart Can I Afford For My Home?

It took some time for the smart home to catch up. One reason being that limited availability of products meant they behaved as if they were still in beta testing, but often it was a prohibitively high price tag. Makesuseof took on the task of calculating how expensive a smart home conversion is. Here’s the breakdown of what it takes to make your home smarter.

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