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Data is not only growing, but it's growing more powerful. This week's top tech news were all about the Big Data war on crime, and how data can be a potent weapon of justice.

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Google Plans to Fight ISIS with Big Data

Providing tailored content and search results may have a devastating effect when users are no longer confronted with other, opposing viewpoints. But what if that same Big Data power could be harnessed to fight the poisonous whispering of extremists online? Google has a clever plan to fight ISIS’s online recruitment through ‘The Redirect Method,’ exposing users who search IS content to content debunking their propaganda instead. And it might turn out to be one of the most potent weapons – read it here.

How Technology Will Tackle the Illegal Fishing Industry

The international fishing industry is notorious for human rights abuse and illegal fishing practices, including forged origins of seafood, terrible work conditions for crew members and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. A Bitcoin related technology, called Blockchain, might be able to change things for good by making produce trackable from its origin all the way up to restaurants or supermarkets. Here’s more on the tech that can close criminal loopholes throughout the supply chain.

How Far Are We From Building a Starship Enterprise?

One of the questions that keeps a good Trekkie awake at night is: when will humanity finally bundle its knowledge and scientific capacity, overcome animosities, and build a Starship Enterprise? Forget technologies like warp drive, dilithium crystals or even transporters, the underlying reasons why we still fall short of achieving such enormous projects is far more interesting. Here’s why we’re still a few centuries away.

The Big Spend: Companies Spending More Than Ever on Tech in the Workplace

Spending on IT and technology in the workspace has climbed from 7% a decade ago to a whopping 25% of the overall building budget today. But if office computing technology costs a fraction of what it did ten years ago – what’s the money being spent on? Well, state-of-the-art digital workspaces to attract (and retain) talent. A new report sheds light on spending and how companies integrate new tech for a better employee experience.

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Big Data’s Enemy are Human Decisions

While many companies claim that their business strategy is data driven, the truth often unveils a different  reality. A new Harvard Business School study revealed that over sixty percent of C-level executives tend to  “trust their gut,” or prefer “real world insights,” over data-driven hard facts. But there is another key takeaway: there’s always a human bias behind every human built algorithm.  Here’s more on on why analytics projects routinely fail because of people.

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