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From line-less grocery services to fighting terrorism or keeping you safe on your bike - Big Data is seeing new use cases to help improve our lives. This is the week's tech news roundup!

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Amazon’s Surveillance Cameras Will Enable Your Virtual Checkout

Walk into the store, grab anything you like, and walk out without passing through the cashier. What’s the catch? Amazon’s new line-less grocery service has already calculated everything that you’ve put in your cart and they’ve even charged you for it. Powered by battalions of cameras and microphones, here’s how Amazon will monitor your every step and every shopping decision, and bring Big Data to a whole new level.

Google and Facebook Launch Database to Battle Terrorism

Sometimes a curse and a blessing are separated by a hairline. Think the internet for example. It’s one of the most amazing tools to connect humankind, yet terrorist groups utilize the openness of the web to spread hateful messages and recruit worldwide. Facebook and Google just launched a new, synced database to help flag, ban and remove poisonous online content faster. The result is still a complex and ongoing negotiation between tech companies and European governments – here’s the story on The Verge.

Cycling Goes IoT

Cycling has gained a lot of momentum. Be it commuters who decided they are done with standstill traffic jams, dedicated endurance sport fanatics that pace up the local hills, or recreational users. Two of the most important goals for almost any cyclist, especially when on the road, are speed and safety. With cycling joining the IoT revolution, cnet shares the latest gadgets that do both.

Microsoft Research Looks 10 Years Out

Microsoft asked women scientists in research positions across the company to share their thoughts on future developments in their respective fields. From natural language, to machine learning, virtual reality and cryptography, here are 17 views on where we’re headed in 2017 and 2027 and will hopefully inspire more girls and boys to pursue their STEM passions. Here’s what they think our future will look like.

A Bright, Helium-Filled, Flash-Enabled Future

It’s been a few months since Western Digital acquired SanDisk and became the largest storage company in the world. At the recent recent analyst day, our executives and teams not only shared an exciting outlook toward a bright future, but also the first 12TB helium drives, the highest capacity HDD in the world, new and updated lines of SSDs and a 2U all-flash platform that will deliver 18 million IOPS using NVMe over PCIe fabric.

Want to know what it’s all about? Here’s a wrap up:

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