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Data vs. cancer, the avalanche of flash storage in the data center and how the universe just got bigger (or smaller?). This is your week in tech!

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Data vs. Cancer

Modern medicine has long departed from a medieval trial-and-error guessing game to a mathematical, fact-based science. With more data points available, and more information collected about patients and their conditions, can we possibly be getting closer to understanding cancer and, even more importantly, its cure? Would enough data show us the way to curing all disease? Read on if you are curious about the state and future of science and biodata.

The Flash Avalanche Reaches the Data Center

When The Register writes that the spread of flash technology in the data center has reached a tipping point, the industry certainly takes notice. Is Chris Mellor right that all-flash arrays are the new normal? Read his analysis on flash’s status quo and let us know what you think.

2017: A Fresh Wave of IoT Hacks

With a whopping 90 million cyber hacks this year, and countless new, exploitable IoT devices on the horizon, one can assume the challenges ahead. So what’s an organization to do and how can you protect your home? Tech Republic share what to should expect, and how to better prepare.

It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? It’s Small Space Satellites!

“Harnessing the Small Satellite Revolution” is a new initiative announced by the White House. The program aims to boost private innovation of tiny space vehicles (sometimes weighing as little as a few ounces) and urges smaller companies to join forces with governmental bodies, like NASA, for both commercial and scientific benefits. So if your organization has always been keen on running its own space program, this could be your opportunity.

The Universe Just Got Bigger

Sometimes, all one needs to put things into perspective is to look up to the sky. The Astronomical Journal published the recent finding from studying the images of over 20 years of the Hubble Space Telescope, reporting two trillion(!) galaxies in the observable universe. According to current estimations, this only makes up about 10% of the actual universe. Here’s how “putting things into perspective” has just reached a whole new level.

The SQL Server® Query Challenge!

Storage Class Memory: Can the Promise be Fulfilled?

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