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Internet to the Abyss

There’s still a place where the internet, Wi-Fi, and GPS do not exist at all: the ocean. Currently, data speeds to communicate with submarines, scientific robots and other instruments are slower than dial-up, with single bytes per minute. But a new initiative tries to free the strangled data connections with the help of torpedo-like underwater drones. Is the deep ocean ready for Facebook and selfies? Here’s more on the internet of the distant waters.

A New Watchdog for Space Clutter

It’s so real that it even made it to Hollywood: space junk. All that debris out there, consisting of asteroids, missile leftovers, defunct satellites and much more, poses a real threat to present and future space missions. Someone, or some thing needs to keep an eye on the hundreds of thousands of objects around our planet. The US Air Force just unveiled a super telescope that is able to track objects as small as a softball as they travel the space around our planet, using revolutionary capabilities in space imaging, and generating a terabyte of data every night. Meet the Darpa Space Surveillance Telescope.

AWS is Bigger Than You Thought 

New reports show that Amazon Web Services controls almost half of the global cloud data center market. The commerce giant takes a whopping 45% of the global IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) business. And even more interesting is that sub-segments of public PaaS, such as database, IoT, and analytics, are all growing by more than 100% year over year. Here’s more on the new research data.

Growing at a Petabyte a Day – Fast Forward 5 Years

New technologies lead to greater performance, scale and efficiency of data storage. Yet what comprises our zettabytes of data will be no less important in shaping the future of the data center. So what’s ahead? Western Digital Fellow Pankaj Mehra shares his five-year enterprise storage outlook.

Can Tech Shake up the Economy?

We often speak about technology as the greatest disruptor of the economy, shaking markets and transforming our society. But is that the case? A Bloomberg columnist looked at predictions scientists made in 2011 and found that despite the fact that we consume massive amounts of media, and engage in communication very differently than we did half a decade ago, the big drivers of our economy, such as employment, productivity, housing etc., still remain the same. A glimpse of new and old economies.

Election Tech is Stuck in the Stone Age. Maybe It’s Better That Way.

Despite the fact that high-tech has entered the voting realm, it has remained a fringe technology reserved to scientist deployed in Antarctica, submarines and embassy staff abroad. When we cast our ballot, we still manually fill out a paper ballot. Why? Mostly for security issues. Here’s why government officials are wary of trusting something as important as an election to the internet.

Tempest in a Teapot? A Five-Year Enterprise Storage Outlook

Data Availability vs. Durability – An Important Difference You Should Know

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