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AWS ships data by the truckload to the cloud (literally), the largest crackdown on a cyber crime ring and Cyber Monday's record day of sales - this is your top tech news!

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AWS Transports Truckloads of Data. Literally.

Would you love to move your data into the cloud but think your internet connection is a wee too slow for uploading 100 Petabytes? Amazon just introduced AWS Snowmobile – a 45-foot long shipping container stuffed with hard drives. Snowmobile attaches to your network and appears as a local, NFS-mounted volume so you can use your existing backup and archiving tools to fill it up with data destined for S3 or Glacier. Wanna know even more? Make sure to visit the AWS blog on topic to get the epic photo documentation of how to take advantage of this new service, illustrated using Legos. See the brick-based data by the truckload story-telling here.

How the Cloud Boosts NASA’s Space Exploration

Is there life beyond our own planet? Can we live on Mars? The answer to these questions rely on data, and to obtain this information NASA uses the computing power of hundreds of thousands of servers, in the cloud. this week, Tom Soderstrom, chief technology and innovation officer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talked about the critical role cloud computing plays in answering the universe’s questions at 100TB a day, and 100GB a second.

Largest Crackdown on a Cyber Crime Ring

The people behind one of the world’s largest botnets called Avalanche – an internationally active ring of criminals active in 180 countries around the globe – were just taken into custody. The fallout of the global effort saw a whopping 800,000 domains seized. This is success story in the ongoing fight against cyber criminality also reveals why this particular field is so attractive to criminals: the monetary damage the group has done is, according to the US Department of Justice, in the hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. Here’s the story of the four-year crackdown effort.

Hungry for Tech? You’re Not Alone

Black Friday used to set sales records as the strongest shopping day of the year. But for the first time, that record goes to another contender (and a close relative, one might say) – Cyber Monday! With $3.45 billion in online sales alone, the 2016 edition was one for the history books. Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t that Black Friday was a bad day either. The two only fell $110 million apart. Here’s more on the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Techy Advent Calendars for Even the Geekiest of Geeks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December 1st kicks off the official countdown to Christmas, and what better way to do than buying yourself an advent calendar. If chocolate is not your thing (who are you?!), check out these 7 advent calendars for the tech enthusiast.

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