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Mary Meeker Speaks, the Internet Listens

When Mary Meeker speaks internet, she can be sure the industry is listening. Particularly when she lets us know that the internet is slowing down, messaging is taking on the home screen, and voice search is big. So regardless of whether you think your professional career is directly dependent on the web or not, this report is something you should follow. If you’re eager to get to the highlights, check out this summary on

The AFA Crystal Ball Comes Out Again

One more report the industry pays close attention to, is anytime a leading industry analyst takes on the all-flash array market and industry revenue numbers. Chris Mellor takes a look at the latest numbers from IDC, and shares his take on where the all-flash market is headed.

Things You Didn’t Want to Know Can Be Hacked

No matter how secure your PC and smart devices might be after you invested countless hours (and some hard earned dollars), IoT and our world of connected things are more exploitable than you wish. A computer-aided sniper gun that has a security breach? Air traffic control or traffic lights? This is where things get worrisome – here are 7 scary examples.

Bionic Skin For Robots, and Humans Too

Takao Someya, a scientist at the University of Tokyo, has developed something that leaves medical professionals internationally at awe and inspired: bionic skin, or e-skin. What started as a science project to make robots more sensitive to their surrounding soon evolved into something more related to humane medicine: sensor laden gloves that add further, unprecedented sensitivity to the human sensory system, capable of sensing tumors or vital signs otherwise only detectable through more invasive means like surgery or scan. Revolutionary medicine? Read on.

Drones vs. Hurricanes

This is no action thriller. Drones are becoming more and more capable every day – from experimental technology they’ve evolved to hobbiest flight contraptions, parcel delivery carriers and deadly machines used by the military. Drones are slowly covering more and more commercial ground. It is just a matter of time before they will become serious helpers in disaster research, and ultimately, control. A new project is introducing highly specialized, aircraft borne drones for Hurricane research and control. Read where the winds are blowing.

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