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From tech projects to help spook up your holiday to hair-raising industry predictions and why trick-or-treating just got an app - this is your Halloween tech roundup!

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Let Technology Spook Up Your Halloween

Looking to do something extraordinary this Halloween? Check out these clever tech hacks to help spook your neighbors using devices you likely already own, and find a good excuse to take on a tech project this coming holiday: Three tech ways to up the spook ante this Halloween.

Digital Advertising Just Got Scarily Big!

October 27th marks the 15th anniversary of the industry’s first banner display ads. Back then, we were sporting 24.4kps dial-up connections, and the first graphical browser was just one year old. In these 15 years, much has changed for digital advertisement, and this year will mark the first time that digital advertisement will surpass TV advertisement spending. So has internet killed the TV-ad star? Here’s the first banner campaign that kicked off a $24 billion business, and got a 78% click-through rate.

How Hair-Raising Are Gartner’s IT Predictions?

We’re reaching that time of the year when the crystal balls come out and all eyes look ahead to a possible, potential, prospective future. First up is Gartner who in its recent Symposium ITXpo, released predictions about the future of technology for IT departments and users. Here’s what they might mean for you and your organization.

Keep Zombies Out of Your Smart Home Network

Last week showed us the challenges ahead for IoT. But rest-assured, the industry is already looking for more ways to secure IoT as our hunger for connected devices marches forward. Taking the stage this week, is the world’s first hack-proof Wi-Fi router; it even uses open source firmware.  Read it here.

Trick or Treat? There’s an App for That

There is nothing more disappointing for your kids than all the doors that don’t open when they are trick-or-treating. So this Halloween, the social network Nextdoor brought forth a solution. Yep, there’s an app for that. TreatMap lets users mark their house as ready (or not) for the holiday, helping make your little ghosts and monsters’ candy hunt even more successful! Is this a trick or a treat? 

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